“The Meeting” slated for one special performance

Shown l-r Michael “Diallo” McLendon, Willie Robbins, III, and Kenny Dozier

Shown l-r Michael “Diallo” McLendon, Willie Robbins, III, and Kenny Dozier

For one night only, Kennie Playhouse Theatre will be presenting a special play for Black History Month. The Meeting will be shown on Monday, February 23 at Venue 109, 109 Cude Lane in Madison, Tenn.

Under the direction of Chuck Smith, The Meeting is set in the ‘60s as a meeting takes place with the two civil rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

“It is amazing to hear the words spoken by these two Civil Rights giants from the past, yet still be ‘on point’ about the situation of today,” said Jeff Staton, playwright.

This story from the past is a catalyst for the future as the audience bridges all generations. Both young and ‘seasoned’ will appreciate a great understating of the era by watching together.

“In lieu of the recent, widely publicized murderous acts against young Black men,” Staton said, “The Meeting is a must-see.”

The violent acts recounted by Malcolm and Dr. King are vey similar to those committed against Blacks today.

“While theatre is entertaining, it is my duty, as the founder of the Kennie Playhouse Theatre, to educate,” said Kennie Dozier. He said, “Kennie Playhouse Theatre is committed to excellence while serving as an artistic vehicle for change.”

The Meeting promises to be a riveting production that delves into the lives of revolutionaries who were an active change to the world of Blacks. It teaches the beloved history through this conversation with Dr. King and Brother Malcolm as ‘mere men.’

Director Chuck Smith is the resident director of The Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Ill. The cast members include: Kenny Dozier, Willie Robbins III and Michael ‘Diallo’ McLendon.

Venue 109 is located at 109 Cude Lane in Madison, Tenn. For more information, call 615-730-0581 and for tickets call 615-525-4926.