Dr. T. J. Jemison didn’t expire, he transpired


Gregory Taylor

Since Dr. T. J. Jemison transpired in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I have had the opportunity to read about his life’s work. The interview of the Baton Rouge Mayor by The Weekly Press confirms he transpired to me. I was not aware that he did the eulogy for a mayor and a governor in Louisiana. In his family growing up, his siblings affectionately referred to his birth as ‘The Accident.’ I can relate to this type birth because it is similar to my own birth. I have started a book discussion of The T.J. Jemison Story on Selma’s Radio WHBB in Selma, Ala. Selma is the birthplace of Dr. T. J. Jemison, and the city is known for ‘Bloody Sunday’; the Voter Rights Museum; and Selma University. Also, Dr. T. J. Jemison is an alumnus of Selma University and so am I. I love the school dearly. The auditorium at Selma University is named in honor of his father Dr. D. V. Jemison; Jemison and Owens Auditorium. It is very moving for me to see how Southern University has honored the memory of this great leader.

I have been involved in several conversations with people of Baton Rouge. The customer service has been the best I’ have experienced in just one American city. The late CEO of Coca Cola, Roberta Gouizeta said, “Good customer service is America future and we must do everything as if America future depends on it because it really does and God is in the detail.” I have been instrumental in helping 13 individuals to obtain pay raises with this quote for customer service in different places. When I give this compliment, I am investing in the person, the institution, and America’s future. Since Dr. T. J. Jemison did the eulogy of a mayor and a governor, I am asking the Mayor of Baton Rouge Office and the Governor’s Office of the state of Louisiana to give a raise to all those giving good customer service in Baton Rouge, La. in his memory. Since Coca Cola is said to be the largest corporation in the world, I am asking Baton Rouge Coca Cola in some way to assist the people of Baton Rouge giving good customer service in Baton Rouge.

The former CEO of the Synovus Corporation, Jim Blanchard, which was name the No.1 place to work in America three years strait by Forbes and Fortune magazine said: “A lot of corporations have lost the ability to appreciate. Before they can compete again they must find his ability to appreciate.” I believe that Baton Rouge is the place where the old spirituals, spirit of appreciation, and good customer service can be found in the 21st century. I appreciate the people of Baton Rouge who are giving this good customer service. They deserve a raise and what better way to show how much they are appreciated? This is what I loved about Selma University. This school had been hallowed by an ancient form of appreciation, which could be seen in the people at Selma University. Good customer service contains all of the future in America.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but since I have been communicating with the people of Baton Rouge, I am feeling the need to be in touch on a regular basis to make me feel better. I’ve been bitten by Baton Rouge. I believe Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the capitol city of good customer service in America or just maybe a form of Heaven on Earth. Dr. T. J. Jemison worked over 50 years with Dr. J. Robert Bradley in the National Baptist Convention USA Inc.

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