MTAC In Love runs April 3-5

The annual Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) will soon be upon us. Fans, followers, and supporters will be converging on Nashville, Tennessee the weekend of April 3-5 anticipating non-stop fun and excitement. Anime is the term used to describe Japanese animation but does not even begin to describe the experience that encompasses MTAC. For patrons, MTAC is an explosion of Japanese culture that can be experienced first-hand without leaving U.S. soil. Each year, a different theme is selected to give MTAC a unique experience for both new and returning enthusiasts. The theme of MTAC 2015 is ‘15 to Life’ and will give guests a unique, playful cops and robbers experience on this eagerly anticipated weekend. The Sheraton Music City and the Nashville Airport Marriott host the event.

MTAC hosts a variety of events including guest celebrity speakers and vendors. Some of this year’s events include: a Cosplay Contest, Ramen Noodle Eating Contest, Anime Music Video Contest, Electronic Dance, Lolita Tea Party, Otaku Ball, Risque Cosplay Contest, J-Fashion Show, and a Lip-Sync Contest, just to name a few. MTAC welcomes attendees of all ages and backgrounds to share in this one of a kind experience. Participants are offered a multitude of activities that are sure to keep interests peaked all throughout the convention weekend. Gaming rooms and video programming will run non-stop from opening on Friday to end of Con on Sunday. Panel programming starts at 10 am and run late into the night. A room full of vendors provides an unmatched shopping experience for collectors as purveyors provide rare merchandise. Everything from DVDs, books, and unique collectables can be purchased. MTAC provides attendees with an unforgettable experience for both diehard fans of Japanese culture and casual observers. People are able to come together and share their joy for their favorite characters, shows, movies, comics, and games. The price of admission allows attendees access to a world that encourage self-expression and expansion. Once there, visitors are sure to partake of and enjoy as many activities as they can and are sure to invite family and friends to share in the camaraderie.

MTAC is something that has to be experienced and can only be experienced once a year. So, be sure to catch it before the weekend is over. The best way to do so is by registering early on Friday or pre-registering on their website at

A tidbit from the MTAC website: “Established in 1999, MTAC has been an annual mainstay in the Middle Tennessee community, with thousands of attendees and guests coming from the region and beyond. Throughout the years, MTAC has featured several special guests covering a variety of aspects of anime and media. MTAC also lives up to being Music City’s Anime Con by hosting top-notch musical shows with talent both local and foreign. MTAC also gives back to the community which hosts it by assisting local charities in drives at the convention, as well as donation drives during the year.”