Darren B. Rankins, Man of the times

Darren B. Rankins

Darren B. Rankins

Entrepreneur Darren B. Rankins is a poet, writer, author, photographer and motivational speaker. Always focused, always driven to achieve his goals, he is not limited to one project.

He has appeared as an extra on the television show, Nashville, filmed locally and is a community advocate for many causes, Darren took part in his first poetry slam in 1994 while attending Middle Tennessee State University and submitted his poetry to newspapers and magazines. He has published three books of inspirational poetry, Pure Thoughts Vol. 1-3, and is working on Vol 4.

“I began writing poetry in the sixth grade. I loved writing as a hobby, but wanted to have a greater effect on people,” said Darren, who started his own business, Pure Thoughts, in 1995 to sell his products and expand his circle of influence.

“Pure Thoughts,” he said, is based on the idea that we can all co-exist together if we all focus on God first and continue to try to think the best of each person we meet.”

Darren has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and been published in the Nashville Banner, Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro Magazine, The Spiritual Herald, USA White House, Broken Streets, Ravello Magazine (Italy), and The Good Shepard (India), as well as chapbooks and poetry books across the country. Having completed the CD version of Pure Thoughts, Volume 1-3 and four coming out soon, Darren has been published in other counties such as Italy, Romania, and India, with his book, poetry and T-shirts in over 20 countries and in several libraries.

In April, 2010, Darren received the Margaret Smith Award for Dedication to Poetry from Bridge Your Soulful Journey, a local not for profit organization founded to recognize poetic excellence. The Academy of American Poets inaugurated national Poetry Month in April, 1996.

“Vol. 4 will be a totally different approach to poetry than my first three books. My goal is to take my readers to places only the human spirit would dare to go,” he said. “I’ve spent a lot of time meeting with the public to share my message. I have participated in book signings, public speaking engagements, and radio interviews. I enjoy speaking about Pure Thoughts and reciting my poetry whenever given the opportunity,” he elaborated.

Darren contributes to various charities such as the Salvation Army and Feed the Children, among local causes. He takes part in group studies in several area churches and has been blessed with a successful Christian T-shirt ministry.

He describes the shirts design as a combination of original poems, beautiful graphics, and timely Bible verses. He has sold or donated over 6000 T-shirts worldwide. Fostered by his belief to continually seek knowledge from others, he is seeking to find a better way to love himself and those around him.

Through his T-shirt ministry, he will share the knowledge “I receive in the new designs I create and the poems I write.”

Darren is a Murfreesboro native, now living in Nashville, for over four years.

Married to Marilyn Rankin, his supportive helpmate, he plans to run a non-profit company in the near future.

The Rankins will celebrate their second anniversary on March 29.

For more information visit  <www.purethoughts.info>  and <www.gofundme.com/Darren2466>.