New Salem will “Carry the Cross” on Good Friday

Rev. Eddie Sneed

Rev. Eddie Sneed

As Easter approaches many churches are preparing for traditional methods of celebrating Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday.

This year Good Friday will be on April 3. New Salem AME Church, 1800 4th Ave North, will be remembering this time in a different way. At 10 am, there will be a reenactment of a “faith march to Calvary.” All faithful believers are asked to come out and worship with Salem AME.

“We will carry a cross from New Salem down Garfield to Rosa Parks Blvd. across Jefferson St. to the Farmer’s Market and return,” said the new pastor of New Salem, Rev. Eddie Sneed.

Individuals, congregations and other ministries are all asked to come and celebrate the life of Jesus by participating in the walk representative of Jesus’ walk as He carried the cross to the hill where he met His destiny. Preachers are asked to wear robes and bring a message of peace, hope, help, and deliverance to offer to those who will listen. During this time, those in attendance will receive tracts, Bibles and the “good news” of Jesus.

As the wooden cross will literally be held on the backs of those who participate, different individuals are asked to carry the cross part of the way.

At 7 pm, the marchers will return to New Salem Church the hear the ‘Seven Last Words’ preached.

For additional information, call 615-964-7246.

New Salem A.M.E. Church is located at 1800 4th Avenue North where the pastor is Rev. Eddie L. Sneed.