Funk makes good on campaign promises

(l-r) Byron Pugh, Terry Clayton, Lori Funk, Glenn Funk, and Danielle Nellis

(l-r) Byron Pugh, Terry Clayton, Lori Funk, Glenn Funk, and Danielle Nellis

The Nashville District Attorney’s Office now has the highest number of African American lawyers and executive staff in key positions in the history of the DA’s Office. Within days of taking office, District Attorney Glenn Funk began making good on his promise to increase diversity within the DA’s Office.

“I’m truly excited to be a part of a team that is committed to the equitable distribution of justice,” said Assistant District Attorney Byron Pugh regarding his hiring by DA Funk. Pugh was among DA Funk’s first hires when he took office last September. “As an African American man, I also believe it is important that this office reflects the growing diversity of our city.”

Two other key positions in Funk’s office are also held by African American professionals: Funk’s chief investigator Norris Tarkington and spokesperson Dorinda Carter.

“One of Glenn’s priorities since taking office has been an increased focus on enhancing diversity in the office and ensuring all segments of the community are represented in the courtroom,” said DA Office Director of Communications Dorinda Carter. “He has also paid special attention to prosecuting domestic violence cases so that victims are protected and know that they have a voice.”

Funk now has six African American attorneys in the courtroom, the highest number of prosecutors in Nashville’s history and he has said that number is just the beginning. Those Assistant District Attorneys include: Derry Harper, Rebecca Warfield, Danielle Nellis, Byron Pugh, Terry Clayton, and Chris Buford.

“These hires are a collection of the very best lawyers in Nashville as demonstrated by their education, background and by the work they have been doing since joining our office,” Funk said. “Diversity is important in all segments of our community and efforts must be made to make it a priority.”

The District Attorney General for the 20th Judicial District is responsible for the prosecution of all alleged violations of state criminal laws that occur within Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. Both felony and misdemeanor crimes are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office as well as the criminal acts of juveniles (persons less than 18 years of age).

“The District Attorney’s Office is committed to public service, fairness and justice for all,” said Funk. “Our focus is on protecting vulnerable victims from violent crimes and to make sure victims have the best lawyer in the courtroom. Our mission is to make Nashville a safe place to raise a family and grow a business.”

District Attorney General Glenn R. Funk was sworn in to office on August 28, 2014. He became Davidson County’s 36th District Attorney and only the third since 1966.