Hillary Clinton, a formidable contender

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Hillary Rodman Clinton publicly announced her candidacy for president of the United States of America, the highest office in the world. It was done Sunday, April 12, by way of the Internet and should be no surprise. Her many supporters feel undoubtedly that her time has come. Regardless of the negative press generated by the media toward her involvement in Benghazi or her usage of personal e-mail to send what her critics would argue to be government related messages, she is by far considered the top contender for the job of president by the Democrats. Despite desperate attempts by Republicans to discredit her or present her in a negative light, it only helps to solidify support for her among her party and undecided voters.

Hillary has a multitude of platitudes contributing to her support. She has experience in the political realm, holding such positions as Senator from New York and later as Secretary of State. She is the wife of one of the most popular past presidents, Bill Clinton, who no doubt will be a valuable and knowledgeable advisor and supporter if she is elected president. Probably her biggest attribute is that she is a woman, and many would argue that it is time for a woman to hold the office of president of the United States. Many supporters would agree that she has paid her dues taking a backseat to Barack Obama during his rise to become the first African American president.

Try as they may, Hillary’s foes or critics can’t curtail or stop her rise to the top. Hillary is a force that can’t be denied, for her destiny is etched in stone. The major topic of contention will be to what degree the Republicans will go to defame her. Hillary represents the face of change that is ever present in the American psyche. There will be a handful of wealthy Republicans and some Democrats spending mountains of money to appeal to the American public as viable and worthy candidates for the highest office in the world. The truth of the matter is that the general public will gravitate toward a person with everyday problems and concerns that the average American confronts on a daily basis. Some of the candidates seeking the presidency are so inundated with excessive wealth they can’t relate to the common man. These are candidates that may attract some support from the business community, but are not likely to win the bulk of support from the middle class, the backbone of America, whose vote is vital.

Hillary is likened to the fighter Rocky, who represents the hope for so many disadvantaged and downtrodden citizens who are praying for an unconventional change. Status quo isn’t working for many citizens and a complete change in promoting positive productive changes for all is a dream waiting to happen. Some people are looking for Hillary to jumpstart this change, soliciting more bipartisan support among elected politicians to bring about more positive and productive changes. Unfortunately, partisan politics has railroaded this present presidency, hindering progress that could have benefited more Americans. Maybe the practice of racism won’t be so prevalent with a White female president, although there still exists a ‘good ole boy’ network, railing against women in prominent positions.

While I am no psychic, I will be surprised if I have totally misread what I conceive as my intuition, based on my social interaction with the public. My vibes are that the public will not be duped by malicious campaigns to discredit Hillary. Those presidential contenders with big money bags, thinking they can buy everyone’s support with high costing slanderous campaigns, will be sadly disappointed. We are a more incredulous community, aware of foxes bearing gifts. Regardless of your political stance, don’t hesitate to vote and make a difference. I believe that most people want the best for our country, but just have different views on how to achieve those goals. Many say it’s Hillary’s time to facilitate. Try to stop her as some may, but her time has come and she appears to be unstoppable.