Bill Freeman for Mayor opens North Nashville office

Mayoral candidate Bill Freeman meeting the people across Nashville

Mayoral candidate Bill Freeman meeting the people across Nashville

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Bill Freeman is a mayoral candidate with a commitment to demonstrating his dedication to helping all of Nashville’s citizens. Last week, he opened an office in the heart of North Nashville’s African American community to ensure that his message reaches all members of the community.

“We are extremely excited to finally open up our Outreach Office in North Nashville,” Freeman said. “It is humbling to see so many volunteers come out to knock on doors in order to share my vision and ask for community member’s support and their vote on election day.”

On the day of its opening, April 18, Freeman joined with supporters and volunteers by knocking on doors and meeting residents in nearby neighborhoods. Among them was Linda Harper, daughter of Nashville state Sen. Thelma Harper, who is serving as the ‘outreach director.’

“Today is exciting because opening our Outreach Office not only allows us to be accessible for those who want to be part of our campaign, but also allows us to listen to the needs of residents and community leaders throughout several surrounding neighborhoods,” said Harper.

In the coming weeks, as the campaign heats up, there will be lots activity through the satellite office. Volunteers and staff will be there every day to phone bank, distribute yard signs, and have their fingers on the pulse of North Nashville. The Freeman for Mayor Outreach Field Office is located at 2702 Clarksville Hwy., Suite 102, Nashville, Tenn. 37208; phone 615-674-2094.

Tamika White is the ‘office and phone bank coordinator.’

“Saturday was an amazing day. It was awesome to see so many people from all walks of life come out to volunteer and show their support for Bill,” said White.

Joyce Hardy was impressed with the operation and how the candidate took her community into consideration saying: “I came out today, because the next mayor of Nashville will need to be someone who will represent all neighborhoods and not just downtown.”

TSU student Willis Word said: “This was my first time meeting Bill. I am excited to be on the campaign trail for him because he has been so supportive of my university for over a decade.”

Bill has also been a champion for women and minorities in Metro Government. In a statement to the media last week, he said he would sign an executive order on his very first day in office to demand equal pay for equal work regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. He has said that he hopes the example that he has set at Freeman Webb and in the Mayor’s Office will set a precedent for the private sector.

Freeman has also promised to be a champion for a more sustainable Nashville by ensuring that energy saving solutions for private homes are available to everyone—not just families who have the disposable income to make their homes more energy efficient.

If you want to find out how to get involved with the Freeman for Mayor campaign, or to join Women for Freeman, or request a yard sign, or just learn more about the issues affecting Nashville every day, visit: <>.