The Love Benefit to be held May 16th

Women will gather for a spiritual retreat at The Love Benefit at Community Christian Church, 828 Lischey Avenue, on May 16. The Personal Interest in Changing Character in Partnership will join with Still Standing Ministry to sponsor this Spiritual Retreat for Women dealing with domestic violence, adversity and personal struggle.

From noon until 3 pm, several speakers will present spoken word, music geared to uplift, enlighten and inform, and a meal will be served following the program.

“This event will be a teachable moment on the five aspects of love,” said coordinators.
The presenters will speak on eros (sensual), philia (brotherly or friendship), storge (family), agape (unconditional or set-sacrificing), thelema (will or intentional).

The guest scheduled to make presentations include: Min. Nar’Keetha Crosby, speaking on ‘Eros Love’; Rev. Vickie Newsom addresses ‘Thelema Love’; Min. Bryson West speaks about ‘Agape Love’; Min. Kelvin Walker speaks on ‘Storge Love’; and Min. Andre Waller speaks on ‘Phileo Love.’

Sponsors include Big Baby Catering, Darryl Howard, Juan Holbert, Jae Anderson, and Jim Threadhill.
For more information or to make a donation, call 615-568-1150.