Freeman leads in Nashville Mayoral race

Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover and Mayoral candidate Bill Freeman

Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover and Mayoral candidate Bill Freeman

As seven candidates try to make themselves known to voters in Nashville, one candidate has pulled away from the pack and is currently leading the race according to a new poll that was featured in the Tennessean and News Channel 5. That poll shows Bill Freeman to be leading in the race to be Nashville’s next mayor.

“It’s not surprising to me that voters are choosing Bill Freeman,” said Tennessee State Representative Brenda Gilmore. “This is Bill’s first time running for public office, but he’s been working in our communities for years,” Gilmore said.

Recent radio ads in Nashville have featured Representative Gilmore and Councilman Jerry Maynard talking about the work that Bill Freeman has done to help all communities of Nashville. Freeman has funded scholarship opportunities for students at Tennessee State University and his company, Freeman Webb, has given away apartments so that homeless seniors and families in Nashville have a place to live.

“Bill cares. He has a heart bigger than anyone else that’s running for mayor,” Maynard said. “Bill wants to make sure that as Nashville grows, our neighborhoods don’t get left behind. He cares about all of Nashville, not just downtown,” Maynard said.

In addition to providing housing and scholarships so that people in Nashville have a chance to earn a college education and have a place to call their own, Bill Freeman has been vocal about the importance of our government officials reflecting the community of Nashville. Specifically, Freeman has said that we need more women and minorities in leadership positions.

“Bill cares about women. And he cares about minorities,” said Gilmore. “Bill believes that when women succeed and when minorities succeed, Nashville succeeds,” Gilmore said.

When asked about the recent news of him leading the mayor’s race, Freeman said he is thankful for every person that supports him.
“I am humbled, I am pleased, and I’m ready to lead,” Freeman said. “We have a lot of work to do in Nashville and I’m going to get to work on day one.”

Early voting for the mayor’s election begins July 17th and Election Day is August 6th.