God is smarter than you

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

Intelligent people at one point thought the earth was flat. Then with discovery and exploration, they found that the earth is round. Many of us think the earth is still flat. We think we know more than God.

When Jesus calls his first disciples, he finds two sets of brothers, Peter and Andrew, and James and John. They met Jesus while washing their nets. They had not caught any fish. After climbing into Peter’s boat and preaching to the multitude from that boat, Jesus told Peter: “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch,” Luke 5:4. Peter explained to Jesus that they had fished all night, the best time to fish, and they had caught nothing. But then he said: “nevertheless at your word I will let down the net,” Luke 5:6.

All of us know the rest of the story: they caught so many fish that the boats began to sink, and they asked their partners in the water to help them. They filled their boats with fish. Although Peter was an experienced fisherman, he took Jesus at his word. Many of us would have argued with Jesus and listed all of our credentials as ‘fishermen’ and compared Jesus’ skills as a carpenter, and let him know that he did not know anything about fishing. Then we would have missed out on the miracle. In this life, many of us never get the overflow, see the miracle and meet our destinies, because we think we are smarter than God. We think that we know how to raise our children better than God. We think that we know how to solve our problems better than God. We think that we know how to heal from physical and emotional pain better than God. The truth is God knows more than we do. The reason why God knows more than we do is because God is all knowing.

Jesus, the Son of God, reveals to us through his encounter with the fishermen that God is not limited to skill sets and God is not limited to what has happened in the past. God’s knowledge surpasses human limitations. Our knowledge is tainted with fear, outcomes, selfishness, discouragement, and other emotions that sometimes limit our understanding of a problem and how to work it out. This is why God is smarter than we are. When we realize that God has the expertise that we do not have, and his thoughts are not our thoughts, we will be able to take God at his word like Peter does in his encounter with Jesus.

Often, we are too smart. We know too much. We think too long. We have too many degrees. We have too much street sense. We know so much that no one, not even God, can tell us what to do. Self-diagnosing is dangerous. When we go through this life, and we depend on what we know, we will find ourselves living a limited life.

We need to trust in what God knows, and what God can do for us. Then we will cast our nets and catch more than we can handle. When we are trying to work it out, God has already figured it out. God is smarter than you.