Reasons I love Memphis

Jomilla Newsom

Jomilla Newsom

Many things may come to mind when you hear of Memphis, Tennessee and I am guilty of possessing thoughts that are not so favorable.

However, my mindset was changed this weekend. Well actually it might have been a gradual change over my many visits to Memphis these past two years, but my most recent visit this weekend sealed the deal.

I guess there are a few things that changed my mind about this great city:

Memphis has a rich sense of history and tradition. You see it everywhere you go. From the world famous Beale street, to the ever so popular Graceland (which apparently most Memphis residents haven’t even been to) and the National Civil Rights Museum-Lorraine Motel.

Memphis is dripping in history and not just any history, but the history that is actually appealing.

Jazz music is one example. This week B.B. King was honored at a memorial on Beale Street. Though there have been and will be many memorials for B.B. King around the nation, in my opinion Memphis is so suiting because that’s where he built his fan base. What better place to celebrate his life than somewhere where the people truly love and supported him?

Experiences like that can only be enjoyed in a place like Memphis.

Food and Fun
Memphis is an exciting place to live! There is plenty to do. You can enjoy the Memphis Zoo, a Memphis Grizzlies game and once again a visit to the Memphis pyramid.

The Memphis pyramid was reopened this month as the Bass Pro superstore and hotel. It was originally built in 1991 and has not been regularly used since 2004. But now it has many great attractions like an aquarium, retail clothing stores, a bowling alley, restaurants and much more.

And if you’re a foodie like me, enjoying the food is the most important thing to do wherever you go. Of course we all know Memphis has great barbecue, but if you really want to eat like a local you will enjoy places like Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken, Oshi Burger, Robata, Young Avenue Deli, Bayou, Chings Hot Wings and Dixie Queen.

The best thing about it is that you can have a great time and eat well in Memphis and not hurt your pockets. Forbe’s ranked Memphis #2 in ‘America’s Most Affordable Cities.’

There are good and bad people everywhere and everyone is unique, but I will have to say I have met some pretty passionate people in Memphis.

The are people filed with so much pride and love for their city no matter what negativity might be associated with it. It’s hard for Memphians not to love their city.

Even the culture—yes, Memphis has it’s own culture. Talking to a person born and raised in Memphis can sometimes be confusing for a Nashvillian like myself. I found myself asking for explanations to certain slang words that are not so familiar anywhere else but in Memphis.

Some Memphis locals have a certain way of thinking that might differ from most. But it developed from growing up there and it is so fascinating to me.

Fascinating, lively and yummy are all words that come to my mind now when I hear of Memphis. Too often we talk about the bad things about the city, but it’s not a hard city to love if you give it a chance.