Ted is at it again!

Amanda Seyfried joins Mark Wahlberg and Ted in Ted 2.

Amanda Seyfried joins Mark Wahlberg and Ted in Ted 2.

Ted 2 is an outrageously funny American comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlane and written by MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. It is the sequel to MacFarlane’s 2012 film Ted, and opens June 26, 2015. Ted, the 2012 film, starred MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis, with Joel McHale and Giovanni Ribisi in supporting roles, and MacFarlane providing the voice of the titular character. That film told the story of John Bennett, a Boston native whose childhood wish brings his teddy bear friend Ted to life; but, Ted keeps John and his love interest Lori Collins from moving on with their lives. The film was a critical and commercial success, the twelfth-highest-grossing film of 2012, and the highest grossing R-Rated comedy movie ever. Made for $50 million, its worldwide box office stands at $549.4 million. The film also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. Ted 2 might do even better, because it is even funnier!

At the start of the 2015 film, Ted marries Tami-Lynn, his girlfriend from the first film, and the couple want a baby together. Ted asks his best friend, John, to provide sperm for artificial insemination, but Ted recklessly causes massive chaos at the artificial insemination center. After an unsuccessful attempt involving an NFL star, they try adoption. However, Ted’s adoption attempt raises red flags in the system, and Ted is declared as property. He loses his job, his marriage to Tami-Lynn is annulled, and his life crumbles. A court informs Ted and Tami-Lynn that to have custody of this child, Ted must prove to a court of law that he is human. So he and John set out to find a lawyer to sue the government for Ted’s civil rights. They find amateur lawyer Samantha Leslie Jackson — yep, that would be a ‘Sam L. Jackson,’ played by Amanda Seyfried. More hilarity ensues that I just can’t report in a family newspaper. Trust me, though, for adults only, this is a gut-bustingly hilarious comedic romp.

The amazing cast in Ted 2 includes Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, Seth MacFarlane as Ted, Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Leslie Jackson, Morgan Freeman as Patrick Meighan, Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn McCafferty, Giovanni Ribisi as Donny, Richard Schiff as Steve, Patrick Warburton as Guy, Michael Dorn as Rick, Dennis Haysbert as Fertility Doctor, Liam Neeson as Customer, Curtis Stigers as Wedding Singer, Sam J. Jones as himself, John Slattery as Shep Wild, David Hasselhoff as himself, Tom Brady as himself, Philip Casnoff as Plantation Owner, Nana Visitor as Adoption Agent, Ron Canada as the Judge, Jay Leno as Himself, and Jimmy Fallon as Himself.

If you haven’t seen Ted, catch it on FX Network this Friday, June 26 at 4:30, or back-to-back airings Sunday, June 28 at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Then see Ted 2 at your local Carmike Cinema. Ted 2 runs 1 hour, 55 minutes, and totally deserves its R rating, for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, and some drug use.