From Crack to Christ — bestselling book and stage play too

Last updated on July 21st, 2016 at 05:42 pm

Tanya Davis

Tanya Davis

From Crack to Christ is more than a catchy book title. It’s the title of a real life, compelling autobiography of author Tanya Davis that has been turned into a theatre quality stage play. In essence it is what it says; a synopsis of a heartfelt, unforgettable story of a woman who made it from hell on earth, and lived to tell it. From Crack to Christ will make you laugh, cry and keep you on the edge of your seat wondering “what next? How is she going to get out of this one….oh my goodness?”

From the often mean streets of Detroit, Michigan to prison, she began an award winning beauty business by cutting hair with a toenail clipper while in the ‘Lion’s Den.’ Tanya Davis is indeed one of a kind. This dynamic woman has authored celebrity industry savvy magazines, her autobiography title book From Crack to Christ and ‘coming soon’ the stage play: From Crack to Christ. The play will launch at the Tennessee based TPAC (Theatre for Performing Arts Center) and run nationwide thereafter.

This year, two organizations and their clients will benefit from this impacting production in several ways. Tanya Davis & Co. has partnered with Mending Hearts, Inc and Operation Stand Down Tennessee. Each nonprofit 501(c)3 organization will received monetary donations from the production. In addition, clients from each agency will receive salon services from Salon Ice. The agencies will choose which clients that is to receive these services. After the beauty makeovers they will strut their stuff for an evening on the town.

Who would ever know that the top of the line hairstyles, coloring measures and ‘banging’ finishes, stem from strife and toenail clippers from within prison walls? Tanya Davis has really set the bar high, for herself and others in being a productive member of society.

From Crack to Christ opens in Nashville, November 28-29, Thanksgiving weekend. The VIP Red Carpet Reception promises to be the entire rave, as guests will be dressed to the nines. No matter the level of success Tanya Davis remains humble, prayed up and always has a positive, kind word to share. She imparts wisdom upon her team daily and recently implemented a series of remarkable empowering sessions for maximum growth.

From Crack to Christ the book takes literary measures to another level of deepness. The forthcoming stage play’s success is yet to be charted.

Tanya Davis wears many amazing hats. Including but not limited to; being the founder of the Ice Media Group, publisher of Ice Magazine– a cross culture lifestyle magazine and Focus On This International Hair magazine.

She is a keynote speaker, an accomplished writer, playwright, entrepreneur, hair and beauty stylist and much more. Davis is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

She is a loved mentor and dear friend to anyone who is blessed to know her in that capacity.

Tickets for the stage play are now on sale at TPAC.