Urban Retribution

Corey Lemley

Corey Lemley

For decades, we have witnessed injustice on a large scale. But it is where we witness it that makes the difference. Social media outlets have become a safety window for those who oppose the change being made to counter this oppression we are enduring.

The media uses their platform to deliberately mislead us from the truth. The media isn’t just to blame. We have a curriculum in our public schools, both rural and urban, that pettifogs history.

Our state governments allow guns and drugs to infiltrate our metro communities to not only generate tax revenue to the state, but to incarcerate as many minorities as possible, due to fear of urban retribution. The injustice being waved in front of the face of urban America will have its effects, but even the most wise will tell you that you must uproot the problem, not chop at it. We must understand why our cities our erupting. We must ask ourselves why ‘Jim’ and ‘Kate’ are 50 times more likely to receive a call back from an employer opposed to ‘Rashad,’ ‘Muhammad,’ or ‘Tameka.’

These are no longer speculations, nor is this conjecture. This is reality. We must accept that the oppressed will remain so, as long as the powers remain. We had the lowest voter turnout in the last election since the 1970s. You can’t convince the urban populace that what they are living is fictitious, but the stigma White America has created against minorities and the lower class is fictitious by the very definition.

Nationalism is nothing to be proud of. It’s not something you can achieve or have achieved. A marvelous day is coming to America—the America we leave for our children, and theirs. Do not fear urban retribution.

Embrace it. Be a part of it. Conduct it. Enlighten others with wisdom, based on logic, facts, and experience. This is no longer about us anymore. It is about those who come after us.