Megan Barry endorsed by ‘supermajority’ of Metro Council

Mayoral candidate Megan Barry stands with members of the Metro Council (photo by Cass Teague)

Mayoral candidate Megan Barry stands with members of the Metro Council (photo by Cass Teague)

More than 35 former, current, and future Council members have joined with Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors to endorse Megan Barry for mayor of Nashville. On the steps of the historic Metro Courthouse on Tuesday, August 19, an illustrious gathering of Metro’s elected council representatives, past, present, and future, stood in support of the candidacy of one of their own, second-term Metro council representative Megan Barry.

“It has been my great pleasure to serve for eight years as a Councilmember at-large with many of these amazing Nashvillians. As Mayor, I look forward to working with those who have yet to take office,” said Councilmember At-large Megan Barry. “I know that working together, we can continue to grow our economy, while tackling some of the tough challenges that growth brings. Together, we’ll keep Nashville moving forward.”

“I want Nashville to continue moving forward and in order to do so, we must elect Megan Barry as our next mayor,” said Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors, in introducing the gathering.

“Over the last eight years, Megan Barry and I have partnered together on important legislation that has helped improve the lives of working families and grow our economy,” said Councilmember At-large Jerry Maynard. “I know that as mayor, Megan Barry will have an administration that reflects the diversity of Nashville, ensuring that there is equal opportunity for all.”

Councilmember At-Large Tim Garrett added “I wouldn’t be standing here today unless I trusted that she had the best interest of all Nashvillians in mind. She will ensure that everyone has a voice in how we grow Nashville over the next four years. I’m proud to endorse Megan Barry for Mayor and I would ask that anyone who voted for me in the past consider her as their choice to lead Davidson County into the future.”

“Being the first member of the Metro Council to serve as Mayor, Megan will have a unique perspective, insight and experience that will allow her to begin working for Davidson County on day one,” said Councilmember At-large Ronnie Steine.

Councilmember At-Large Megan Barry is seeking election to the office of mayor in the September 10th run-off election. A Nashville resident for 24 years, Megan Barry was twice elected as at-large member of the Metro Council. In August, Barry came in first in a seven candidate field running for mayor. An MBA graduate of Vanderbilt, she has two decades of senior-level corporate experience in telecommunications and healthcare. She is the mother of a college-age son and has been married to Bruce Barry for 21 years.

These are the Metro Council members who stood in support of Megan Barry on August 18:
Diane Neighbors – Vice Mayor (2007-2015)
Ronnie Steine- Councilmember At-large (2007-2015)
Tim Garrett – Councilmember At-large (2007-2015)
Jerry Maynard – Councilmember At-large (2007-2015)
Lonnell Matthews Jr.- Councilmember District 1 (2007-2015)
Frank Harrison – Councilmember District 2 (2007-2015)
Walter Hunt – Councilmember District 3 (2007-2015)
Brady Banks-Councilmember District 4 (2011-2015)
Scott Davis – Councilmember District 5 (2011 – )
Peter Westerholm – Councilmember District 6 (2011 – 2015)
Anthony Davis-Councilmember District 7 (2011 -)
Bill Pridemore- Councilmember District 9, (2011 – )
Doug Pardue – Councilmember District 10 (2011 – )
Larry Haggar – Councilmember District 11, (2014 -)
Bruce Stanley – Councilmember District 14 (2007 – 2015)
Sandra Moore – Councilmember District 17 (2007 – 2015)
Burkley Allen – Councilmember District 18 (2011 – )
Buddy Baker – Councilmember District 20 (2007-2015)
Edith Taylor Langster – Councilmember District 21 (2007 – 2015)
Sean McGuire – Councilmember District 25 (2007 – 2015)
Chris Harmon – Councilmember District 26 (2011 – 2015)
Karen Johnson – Councilmember District 29 (2011 -)
Jason Potts – Councilmember District 30 (2011 -)
Fabian Bedne – Councilmember District 31 (2011 -)
Jacobia Dowell – Councilmember District 32 (2011 -)
Bo Mitchell – Councilmember District 35 (2007 – 2015)
Anna Page – Councilmember District 16 (2007 – 2011)
Darren Jernigan – Councilmember District 11 (2007 – 2013)
Mike Jameson – Councilmember District 6 (1999-2007)
Vivian Wilhoite – Councilmember District 29 (2003-2011)
Russ Pulley – Councilmember-elect District 25 (2015 -)
Mike Freeman – Councilmember-elect District 16 (2015 -)
Ed Kindall – Councilmember-elect District 21 (2015 -)
Freddie O’Connell – Councilmember-elect District 19 (2015 -)
Kevin Rhoten – Councilmember-elect District 14 (2015 -)
Kathleen Murphy – Councilmember-elect District 24 (2015 -)