What Metro Council members are saying about colleague Scott Davis

Councilman Scott Davis (Dist.5)

Councilman Scott Davis (Dist.5)

It has been my privilege to work with Scott Davis at Pride Publishing Group for the past ten years. Over these years, I have come know him to be one the finest gentlemen and most sincere, dedicated family men and later, public servants, that I have had the pleasure to know. But, don’t take my word for it. Read what his colleagues on the Metro council had to say when I asked them about him in late June. These are word-for-word their email responses to me:

“It has been an honor to serve with Scott Davis on the Metro Council. I can see how hard he works every single day for his constituents, how much he is on the phone, and how hard he pushes Metro departments for results in District 5. I think he will continue to work hard and I look forward to serving four more years with him as we try to make the best decisions possible in a growing and changing East Nashville.” – Anthony Davis, Metro Council, District 7

“Thank you for emailing me. As you know, Scott’s parents are my constituents. Scott has been a stalwart cheerleader for his district and has been steadfast in his determination to see improvements. I have been happy to serve with him.” – Sheri Weiner

“Scott Davis has built up a extraordinary record over these last four years as a strong advocate for the voters in District 5. He has stood up for his community on every critical issue and has helped create significant investments in his district. I should know; I’ve sat beside him this entire term and I have watched in awe as his tenacity has turned into results for his neighbors. His opponent simply doesn’t have the requisite grit it takes to be the kind of councilperson Scott has been.” – Brady Banks, Council Mem-

“Cass, Scott Davis, 5th District Councilman has been an advocate and servant of his district by bringing in economic development into the area, working with other councilmembers on service projects as well as beautifying the area. Scott Davis deserves another opportunity to serve his district because of the great work he has done in the last four years.” – Council Member Sandra V. Moore, District 17

“Great person. Excellent personality! Seems to always have his district first at heart.” – Robert Duvall

“I enjoy serving with Scott, he is committed (as I am) to stand firm for the disadvantaged and to make Nashville a better place for all” – Fabian Bedne, Metro Councilmember District 31

“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Davis on the Metro Council for the last four years. I have found him to be a tireless and enthusiastic advocate for both his district and the City of Nashville, and I strongly endorse his reelection to the Council.” – Todd Carter, Council Member

“Councilman Davis has proven to be strongly committed to his District. He has been a consistent advocate for his constituents and moving the City, as a whole, forward on a wide variety of issues” – Ronnie Steine

“I endorse Scott’s candidacy. Scott is a champion for the people. He always puts the needs of his constituents first and is a steadfast advocate for District 5.” – Jacobia C. Dowell, District 32, Met-
ro Council Member

“Scott Davis has worked tirelessly to serve his district. He has been a dedicated council member, and I have enjoyed working with him. I believe that he always has the best interests of his constituents in mind.” – Burkley Allen, Metro Council 18th District

“Scott has been great for the east Nashville area he works really hard for his constituents and he’s brought a lot of business to the area. He’s easy to get along with and is a team player and I think a four more years will be good for the east Nashville area Scott Davis. He is a champion for the fifth district.” – Erica Gilmore

“Scott Davis is an excellent Councilman. If you want to vote for someone that has true passion for his district please vote for Scott Davis. This city needs to keep all the experienced councilmembers we can on the council for the greater good of All of Nashville.” – Davette Blalock

“I’ve enjoyed working with Councilman Scott Davis on a number of projects around East Nashville. I appreciate the perspective he brings to each issue. He works hard to make a difference in the community, and I look forward to working with him in the future. I endorse Scott Davis for a second term for District 5.” – Peter Westerholm

“Scott is passionate about his district. I am not indorsing any council members.” – Councilman Steve Glover

“I have enjoyed working with Scott Davis on the Metro Council for the past 4 years. It is clear that Scott cares about Nashville and takes pride in the District that he represents. He has grown into an incredible leader who is not afraid to stand up and speak up for what he feels is right for Nashville. Putting constituents of the 5th District to work has been one of his top priorities, as he has tirelessly lobbied for jobs to move into the East side of the city.” – Lonnell Matthews

“Scott has been a consistent supporter of our beloved fairgrounds.” – Duane Dominy

“I have enjoyed working with Councilmember Scott Davis over the last four years. He has always been open to discussion on our adjoining districts and the issues that impact our community. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Scott again.” – Karen Bennett

AND, while not a councilman himself, he is a political force to be reckoned with, and the only one of the seven mayoral candidates willing to go on the record in June:

“Scott Davis has been a friend and colleague for several years. His leadership for 5th District has been a great addition to the council. I appreciate his intellect, dedication to his community, and work on the Council.” – Charles Robert