Expressions of faith:
In the dark, good and evil look alike

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

An obedient Christian practices goodness, righteousness, truth and love. These traits are frequently discussed in our world, but seldom practiced. People will conveniently ignore or conceal the truth while trying to enhance their position or sell their products. Sacrificing our integrity and credibility for self rewards has become a dangerous habit. Our world is also filled with words of love from popular songs, greeting cards, the media and novels. But real love is scarce.

We yearn to love and be loved in our relations and feeling, but see few living examples of real love. Goodness comes from within. It is demonstrated by one’s actions. When we become saved, Christ is the center of our lives. There’s something different, something special that can be observed. It’s a different demeanor, a glow of goodness shining from within. Righteousness is a characteristic that has to be learned. One cannot be ignorant of God’s will.

Every believer must study and practice God’s will in every aspect of his or her life in order to be connected to the source of ‘light,’ the Holy Spirit. The Apostle John had seen truth, love, goodness and righteousness first hand being with Jesus. John was so effected that all of his writings, (the Gospel of John, the letters of 1, 2 and 3 John, and the book of Revelation) are filled with those four traits. Light represents what is good, pure, true, holy and reliable.

Darkness represents sin and evil. In the dark, good and evil look alike. In the light, they can be clearly distinguished. Just as darkness cannot exist in the presence of light, sin cannot exist in the presence of a Holy God. Galatians 5:22-23 describes the fruit of following the Holy Spirit. A person living a ‘light’ lifestyle tries with diligence to make each fruit a part of their personal life, along with their good works, glorifying God.

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