Expressions of faith:
Repentance — only cure for church worldliness

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

There is no doubt that everywhere we look, we see more of the evils and seductions of a fallen world. An illness is spreading throughout the Christian community. It is not being diagnose accurately, so we can’t give it the attention it needs to stop the severity of the pain and destruction in our lives.

Porn, hatred, the high school drop-out rate, teenage shootings and pregnancies, adultery and divorce, disrespect, and homosexuality have all become acceptable ways of living in today’s Christian society. The Apostle’s built the early church on the love for Christ, love for our neighbors, benevolence, and prayer. Paul wrote in Galatians 5:16: “That we should walk in the spirit and we will not fulfill the last of the flesh.”

All Christians are called by God, and we have a responsibility to see that the church remains a light in a dying world. If there is worldliness in the church, there must be repentance to recover and confession to the truth of God’s word. Christians must see that the truth is embodied by the Gospel, worship, and by the lives of the people. The best way to do this is through prayer, united with Christ, with a desire for a disciplined prayer life.

Christians often let days pass without a regular time of prayer with God. Having the desire to pray and not the ‘practice of it’ is a shame. Let us as a church body that repents and prays daily. Pray especially for church leadership.

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