Mai Olive Lusk hosts Trees of Christmas

Mai Olive Lusk wearing black as the chosen color for the Trees of Christmas event.

Mai Olive Lusk wearing black as the chosen color for the Trees of Christmas event.

October brings with it many colorful changes and wonderful celebrations.

Such is the case with Mai Olive Lusk, who will host a special celebration for her family, friends and Bridge Club members, O-Chos Seoras (eight ladies) Bridge Club.

During the first weekend in October, Ms. Lusk will host a celebration that will also usher in the holiday season of Christmas. Lusk will host the ‘Trees of Christmas,’ in memory of her son, the late Sen. Hildred Wright Shumake, Jr., Georgia state Senator.

“I wanted to share the ‘delights’ of Christmas in honor of my son because he is the reason why I still really enjoy the Christmas season,” Lusk said. “I have always enjoyed Christmas and so many beautiful Christmas items from ornaments to bells; angels to Santas, standing, moving, bowing; elves to snowmen; the Holy Family and nativities; wall hangings; pillows; and floral arrangements.”

This year Ms. Lusk will deck the halls with these many items arranged for viewing.

She says that a beautiful purple tree with purple and silver ornaments will welcome everyone along with a highlighted palm tree just behind it. This area is one of five that will highlight lighted trees that stand at least six feet tall.

One grouping has a tree with blue lights, a green tree called the Nut Cracker Tree and a white tree with silver, highlighted with Polar Bears. This area is filled with Christmas memorabilia of all kinds including a backdrop of her first grade class’ snow scene and a Holy Family wall hanging and life sized toy soldier guards, who represent the ‘changing of the guards.’

The area is also encircled by angels, housing the Ebony tree with big silver balls and white balls with snowman faces.
Next to that area is the ‘Santa House Party,’ with a number of trees on tables—called ‘table trees.’

Finally, the eight trees called the Red Berry Trees are in the area that Lusk calls, ‘The Vatican.’ It is sparkling with gold and sliver, Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in a manger, three wise men, the woman at the well, the good shepherd and more.

A large gold reindeer guards this entire area.

The Open House will include the group sitting down for lunch at Swetts Restaurant prior to traveling to the location of the ‘Trees of Christmas.’

“I really enjoy being able to decorate an area, showing many items that have been collected over the years. Two of the snow men, that stand approximately four feet tall, in the Vatican display, are at least 50 years old,” Lusk recalled.

She also fondly remembered: “Mother calling me saying that she needed me to come over and decorate for Christmas. I remember what a kick my mom would get out of watching her little dog barking at the snowman that she would have me place in the yard.”

The ‘Trees of Christmas’ will most surely get Ms. Lusk’s guests in the spirit of Christmas.