Hypocrites running amuck

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Lately, I have had numerous conversations with individuals questioning the views of those who are so adamant in trying to deny others the right to make choices affecting their bodies. This could be a woman being vilified or forced to have a child she clearly doesn’t want or a person inundated in chronic pain in a terminal condition denied the right to assisted help in ending their life. Regardless of your position on the subject, are we in a position to judge someone not knowing their pending situation?

It is so easy to dictate and judge what you feel is right for another person, not considering the prevailing situations between that person and their God. Many people defend their position based on their religious beliefs, which teach them no one has the right to end life, except their higher power. Wrong or right, void of what others think, shouldn’t God be the only one to judge? Forcing your views on others because you are impervious to their reality can be a lifelong sentence to some, with no winners.

Every day we can witness the pain and suffering visited on unwanted children forced into this world. Sometimes it can be considered more merciful if a child was never born than to be subjected to the pain and suffering in what can be an unforgiving cruel world, especially if they were unwanted in the first place. Ironically, some of the diehard pro-life advocates demanding women to have children they do not want simultaneously regard these children and their mothers as a drain on the system with all the government funded and assisted programs they utilize.

It just makes sense that more energy should be made to improve economic and social conditions that make it possible for all children regardless of their social or economic status to be treated equally. Equal distribution of the wealth, education, and opportunities could help eradicate this discussion.

Is protesting and badmouthing people who do not share your views or economic means the answer? Are you personally willing to financially support an unwanted child during its lifetime? Shouldn’t we be protesting and advocating to change policies and laws contributing to disparities, as can be seen with the prevalent economic and social gap between Whites and people of color.

Many times mothers are forced to have children they do want or love, relegating them to a life eventually profiting only the penal system. In fact you have people who manifest more love to pets and animals than children or human beings altogether. If we lived in a perfect world, all children would be wanted and loved. But that is not the case as it exists now. Many young women are not financially or emotionally mature enough to raise a child, or even want the responsibility.

Many times men who have had children with their wives or mistresses aborted, are quick to advocate that others have children regardless of the circumstances. But even more to the point, should men who have never given birth to a child dictate legislatively against a women’s reproductive rights?

We must also consider that by denying women the right to decide what is right for their bodies—we are relegating women to having underground abortions, possibly with dangerous quacks and unhealthy facilities jeopardizing their lives. It shouldn’t be hard to understand why a woman may not want a child conceived from a rapist or be forced to have a child that has a deformity that will deprive that child of a healthy and productive life, especially if the child will be constantly suffering in pain. These are hard choices that should be made by that woman, and only held to judgment by her God.

Let’s just be frank. Financially disadvantaged women (especially women of color) are mainly impacted because middle class or upper class women with the financial means are able to go to their private doctors and abort unwanted children without it being known to John Jay public. Isn’t it hypocritical that the same people telling women to have babies they don’t want don’t want the responsibility of society of taking care of these children and their mothers financially?

This same sentiment can be seen when you have healthy people advocating that terminally ill people with chronic debilitating pain be subjected to that pain regardless of their wishes. Maybe if we as healthy individuals were subjected to that constant never-ending pain, we would be more understanding.

I guess it is easy to judge others until the shoe is on the other foot. While I personally feel (because of my religious indoctrination) that life is precious, by no means would I judge or force my belief on others who adamantly see things differently. The freedom of choice is a dwindling gift that will one day be relished when we realize that many of us were willing participants in its demise.