A must read

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I have just finished reading a book that I feel compelled to share with the public. The book is entitled, I Wouldn’t Lead You Wrong: Life From a Dad’s Perspective by Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. I am seriously recommending those interested in making a difference in their children’s positive and productive growth to buy and share this book with others to make a profound difference in navigating young people in this complex, convoluting world. I find it a must read for families offering a father’s perspective in dealing with questions and life situations, especially to families without a father’s presence.

This book can help negate children as well as adults from making bad choices by offering fatherly advice and wisdom. The book is an easy read and details life experiences and lessons from humanistic perspectives—making mistakes and learning from these mistakes to become a wiser, productive, and complete individual. The author is unapologetic in acknowledging God as the major component in his life and the need for the readers to obtain a personal relationship with God to be the instrument they were meant to be. I have two sons and I have imbedded many of the same principles and advice in their personal and social development.

While the Bible serves as God’s moral compass for humans to follow on earth, this book details the human experience from a loving father’s perspective and how it is possible for an imperfect human being to blossom and grow in wisdom. It can be a guide or extra learning tool helping children going through the grilling experiences of preparing themselves to be adults by answering questions only a father can answer.

We live in a country where many homes are run by single mothers without the presence of a father in the home or in the children’s lives altogether. While many of these mothers are doing the best they can, they cannot replace the need of a child to have a father or positive male in their lives to help propel their children in a positive direction. A father offering advice, guidance, and sharing life experiences is invaluable to a child searching for identity and purpose, especially a Black boy growing up in this world. This reality is realized in the movement Black Lives Matter, with African Americans fighting to be accepted as human beings not being targeted and unduly victimized and trivialized. I Wouldn’t Lead You Wrong focuses on a father’s incite and advice, sharing his experiences with his children. It may just keep a Black boy or girl from being incarcerated or killed in this country.

The book serves the need for men, especially Black men, to explain life and offer advice and wisdom learned from their own personal experiences. It’s a loving attempt to cushion children from the turbulent forces of life and aid them in being productive, loving, and goal orientated individuals with respect for themselves and others. It can be a viable tool in helping to reduce the ever occurring ‘pipeline to prison’ so prevalent with Black boys void of the supervision and guidance of fathers not there to offer their sons manly advice and wisdom.

It’s the conversation of a father educating his daughter to be an intelligent, independent, respectable lady with high self-esteem—not to be any man’s doormat. It is the dialogue of a father with his children that can make a difference in how children feel about themselves and how they view and deal with the world. The book can be a substitute for a missing father not there to answer the ever present questions all children ask or think about while growing up. This book can act as a guide offering wisdom, not only for children and their children but for generations to come.

I Wouldn’t Lead You Wrong is a book that should be on the shelves of all homes in this country. It is a must read offering incite and wisdom to be productive, respectable, and viable individuals. Lessons about life, advice, and wisdom covered in this book, apply to all people, whether men or women, young or old, single or married. You will be doing yourself a gross injustice not having this book in your personal library.

The author, Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. is an engineer, entrepreneur, and graduate of Tennessee State University. He is the proud loving father of two sons and a daughter (Edwin, Jr, Edger, and Sabria). His soulmate is Dr. Shindana Feagins, and they reside in Old Hickory, Tennessee. The book, I Wouldn’t Lead You Wrong: Life From A Dad’s Perspective can be purchased on line at <feaginsbooks.com>.