Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seeks to overregulate payday lenders

Last updated on September 11th, 2017 at 06:48 am

FISCAOppose the short-term lending rules being considered by the CFPB. These rules will limit our access to payday and other short-term loans and take away our financial freedom. Some of the rules would limit our ability to borrow money to 90 days a year and force us to wait 60 days between loans. This doesn’t work for us. If the rules become law, many of us will have no credit. The rules won’t apply to other forms of credit, so why are we being unfairly targeted? How we manage our money is our responsibility-not the federal government’s. We use these loans responsibly. Payday and other short-term loans are legal under state law and work for us. Regulation that makes it nearly impossible for us to obtain or to qualify for a small loan is the same as eliminating these loans.  Please sign the petition now.