Pass the Beauty to stop domestic violence abuse

Cintoria Franklin

Cintoria Franklin

When first hearing about the ‘Pass the Beauty’ organization and its catchy name, the random thought popping out was ‘pass the salt.’ But no such quirkiness here. ‘Pass the Beauty’ is nothing to joke about. It’s a domestic violence education and prevention organization with purpose, structure and unyielding support.

‘Pass the Beauty’ was launched by master stylist Cintoria Franklin, a domestic violence survivor herself, a woman of God, beautiful inside and out, who knows the importance of leading by example. She reaches way back from the heart when it comes to giving and giving back unconditionally. Whether it is sharing a ride, a meal, a passionate word of God, or her invaluable beauty industry gifts, Cintoria ‘walks the walk.’

Perusing through Facebook, seeing what her family and friends are up to, one can see her mission: “I want to be a blessing to a woman in need today.” This means that her net is propelled by God, and both she and her amazing Pass the Beauty team catch amazing arrays and qualities of life along the way.

Unfortunately Cintoria knows firsthand the strife and injustice of being verbally, physically and emotionally assaulted. At one point in her life, some of this abuse was witnessed by her two beautiful daughters. I asked how she explained such behavior to the girls and what laws were laid down to show them that such behavior is not normal or acceptable under any terms.

“The talks were not quick, instant presentations, but a series of reassurances and trainings for them to know their worth and detailed accounts of how valuable they are,” said the classy, stylish master stylist.

Cintoria Franklin is as unique as her beautiful name. She marches to the beat of a different, but highly productive drummer—and if that’s not saying enough, her captivating style speaks volumes when she lights up any room she walks into.

Looking at her today, no one would believe the unnecessary trauma, deep pain and useless suffering she has faced in her young lifetime. Cintoria is an advocate for Morning Start Sanctuary’s Women and Children’s ministry; a freelance stylist at Salon Ice; a mother of two beautiful girls; a praying woman of God; and much more. Cintoria recently earned another reason to celebrate: ‘Pass The Beauty’ passed all necessary steps to become a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

The celebrations have already begun, but February 13, 2016 is going to be the grand day to save the date for. ‘Pass the Beauty’ will hold a Great Gatsby Gala themed, tax deductible fundraiser, ‘Supporting the Fight against Domestic Violence Through Inner and Outer Beauty.’ For more information, visit .