Katt Williams delivers again

Katt Williams

Katt Williams

The funny man Micah Sierra Williams, aka Katt Williams, delivered another classic display of genius last Friday night in downtown Music City. The nearly sold-out Municipal Auditorium was witness to his Conspiracy Theory Tour. Upon his grand elaborate appearance to the stage, the comedian revealed that Music City would always be a date on any of his future tours/stand-up routines.

No stranger to Music City, Katt brought a few of his friends along with him this go ‘round, including: Red Grant, Mark Curry, Nelson Martini, Ashima Franklin and Richie Redding. The team hilariously warmed up the crowd with their barrage of jokes. Each one presented a different style, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The basis of the conspiracy conversation encompasses numerous topics that aren’t normally discussed or currently being talked about in other places. This is what Williams prides himself on—going against the grain. He’s done it his whole career. He’ll touch subjects/topics others wouldn’t dare. Some call him a truth-seeking comic.

“We know there are conspiracies out there. That’s the basis for all conspiracy theories—the fact that there is hidden information out there and how our process changes about things that we thought we used to know,” Williams said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

As he always does, Williams spoke on numerous current events, including a moment of silence for the recent tragedy in Paris, France. Bill Cosby was a topic. Former subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was a topic. Cecil the Lion was a topic. Katt was aggressive in his mini-skit about police brutality, providing insight on the differences between Blacks and Whites.

“This guy is too funny,” said an older gentleman in the crowd.

The atmosphere was eccentrically refreshing, as a wide range of issues were comedically discussed. The interaction and rapport he has with his fans is classic. Williams even gave an inquiring female fan the jacket he had worn on stage at the conclusion of the show. The next time Katt Williams makes an appearance in this town, it’s sure to be epic. So get your tickets early.