The Boyz Incorporated tailgating for a purpose

The Boyz Incorporated Slammed the 615 Tailgate 2015 Events

The Boyz Incorporated Slammed the 615 Tailgate 2015 Events

The Boyz Incorporated also known as the ‘Boyz of 615’ know how to party and tailgate for a purpose indeed. It’s over for 2015, but no worries. After a well deserved brief rest, they will jump right into the plans for 2016 tailgating events.

From the Tennessee State University (TSU) John A. Merritt Classic Weekend (September 4-6) to the Fisk University Homecoming Week (November 10-16) the ‘Boyz’ showed up and showed out for countless attendees—providing positive fun and memorable experiences for all who stopped by. The variety of sumptuous home cooked foods by the Boyz 615 included: fresh fried fish, spaghetti, polish sausages, burgers, and ribs, salads a myriad of cold sodas, and more.

They are organized and on time, running the event almost seamlessly like a well oiled machine. Newcomer to the tailgate event, Simone Hardison, said that she thoroughly enjoyed the event and savoring the food.

Add a live, rocking DJ, an air of safe, foolishness free festivity to these events—and anything within foot space becomes a dance floor! The TSU tailgate event is held downtown under the bridge in Parking Lot H near Nissan Stadium, so the sidewalk is the dance floor there. Over at the Fisk University campus, the tailgate event is held on an allotted stretch of sidewalk, in front of the historic campus library.

Not everyone knows or understands the concept of tailgate/tailgating , just as this writer didn’t at first. The dictionary describes it as: Noun: the board or a gate at the back of a wagon or a truck, which can be let down for the convenience of loading or unloading. Adjective: A Tailgate picnic before a football (or basketball) game (

Officers for the Boyz Incorporated/Boyz 615 include: Dr. William K. Head; Ronald Dowdy, vice president; Ervin Tinnon, secretary; and Edward Madry, treasurer. Board members include: Coach Richard Course, chairman; Alexander Coure, Jr., chief fiscal officer; Lee Humes; Isiah Davis, Jr.; Leonard Morton, Jr.; and Frank Pillow. They each bring their own wealth of experience and heartfelt concern and tireless work ethic to the organization. That alone keeps the collective goals and structured flow on point.

These caring people do more than host some of the best tailgate parties in the Mid South. The Boyz Incorporated is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable service organization, composed of retired educators, entrepreneurs and volunteers. They host the tailgate events, a food and clothing drive, and give back to the community in other ways, whenever possible.

‘Supporting the quality of life in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County and beyond’ is there motto.

At the Tailgate events all of the food and drinks are free of charge, but donations to the organization are welcome and accepted.

Those wishing to further savor a Boyz 615 event may do so by purchasing one of their one of a kind t-shirts that simply reads: ‘I Tailgate With The Boyz.’ Currently they are basic white with blue lettering. But that is not what makes it so special—all of the proceeds from the t-shirts, as with all donations, benefit the organization and their mission in many ways. The outer circle on the seal on the front of the shirt reads: ‘Nashville, The Boyz Inc., Tennessee, Service, and Scholarship.’

The inner seal encompasses the TSU Tiger Head logo and the Fisk University Bull Dog Logo and a picture of a rolled scroll which emulates a college degree. That lettering states that they were established in 2014, representing service, scholarship and humanity. Bringing it all together is the following statement: The Boyz, Inc. ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’

At the end of the event, anyone within ear shot could hear the timeless song, originally recorded by the group the ’70s Funk/RB group ‘The Parliaments’: “If you hear any noise, it’s just me and the Boyz!” For more information, visit .