Truly Blessed Media embraces Nashville, Mid South region

E.L. Jar Jones

E.L. Jar Jones

Nashville is the capitol city of the state of Tennessee and is the ‘middle state’ in the 48 contiguous states. The city is known for a cornucopia of churches and ministries of various types as well. As the Christian media company Truly Blessed Media (TBM) enters the area, they have embraced the region and been welcomed with open arms for their proven work. TBM was founded in 1991 by E.L. Jar Jones, aka, ‘Pastor J.’ Truly Blessed Media is a multifaceted ministry support and ministry presentation company. TBM offers audio and visual media services, event planning, live sound support, and all necessary consulting services for their work.

TBM is sharing Christ and the gifts thereof across the Internet and locally to maximize each sanctioned project, contract, gifts or training granted. Both the faces and the work of TBM may be as unique as the singular identity of a snowflake or footprint. When Truly Blessed Media signs on to do the job and/or ministry work in question, the first plan of action is to take a long, deep, lower belly breath and relax. Those actions, combined with your well thought out plan presented to TBM, will be enough to get the (proverbial) party started.

‘Pastor J’ and his crew of seasoned professionals will take the helm of your projects ship mast after the client has placed their trust, business and or ministry in the capable hands of Truly Blessed Media for a valid and trusted reason. Things of such importance (and those who are definitely success bound) are not often propelled by randomness. Pastor J is a staunch man of God, qualified professional and an esteemed U.S. Army (Ret.) veteran.

Whereas Truly Blessed Media is currently based in Nashville, Pastor J. and company have no psychological limitations: ‘Have TBM company will travel!’ If the terms and contractual arrangements are right, he and his team can make time for the assignment. This includes local, national and international business assignment travel as well. TBM also has a working media hat, where interviews will be done on the ‘red carpet.’

Each business ministry side of TBM is taken into consideration by the Truly Blessed Media Team. Pastor J. works closely with his team and staff respectfully, but the ultimate decision has to be cleared by Pastor J. himself.

“Truly Blessed Media seeks to provide uplifting programming and ministry support, in order to empower, inform, and entertain the body of Christ. We offer video and photography services for ministries and events to help promote kingdom fellowship and cooperation. We believe in operating in a spirit of excellence, in order to make God look good, or better if that is possible,” said Pastor J.

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