Help American refugees here at home instead of bringing in Syrian refugees

E.W. Jackson

E.W. Jackson

The Islamic State’s mobilization in the United States has been “unprecedented,” a report released December 1 found. In light of this reality, allowing refugees from regions controlled by ISIS poses a grave threat and puts American lives needlessly at risk.

Having learned that one of the Islamic terrorists in the Paris attack was a Syrian refugee, 39 governors are objecting to resettlement in their states. The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. Compassion and hospitality are an American tradition, but sentiment does not supersede protecting our national security and the lives of our citizens.

Instead of the president focusing on what should be his first and highest responsibility, he denigrates those who call attention to his misplaced priorities. Obama angrily responded: “Apparently, they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America.” Facts do not matter to this administration, but it is worth noting that Tashfeen Malik (a woman) killed American citizens, fired the first shots in a gun battle with police, abandoned her baby to go on a murderous rampage and may have radicalized her husband, not the other way around. She created widows and orphans, one of those orphans was her own.

While the president is busy trying to save refugees from 6000 miles away, there are refugees (widows and orphans) in our own country who desperately need help. Inner cities across this nation are beset by gangs, violence, hunger and homelessness. Children are dying violently, and 70% of fathers have abandoned their children or are in prison serving long sentences. It is as if ISIS has set up shop in cities like Baltimore and Chicago and turned them into war zones. Civilian casualties are mounting. Three weeks ago a nine year old boy was brutally murdered in Chicago’s Southside because of a gang vendetta against his father, a member of a rival gang. What has the president said about this and countless other murders of innocents across the country in urban violence? Nothing. Not a word.

Instead of a vision for our country and people, he seems to have a visceral response to certain topics, and the plight of the urban poor is not one of them. He gets excited about homosexuality and LGBT matters. He gets excited about saving the planet from global warming. He uses executive authority to legalize as many illegal immigrants as possible, although an Appeals Court has ruled his action unconstitutional. When some mentally ill person commits mass murder, he’s a quick draw gun control advocate, without knowing the facts or circumstances. If there is a police incident, he condemns the police before any investigation.

He now has a new passion: to bring in Syrian refugees, knowing that he cannot vet them properly or eliminate the risk of terrorists slipping in with them. He is contemptuous of Christian refugees, sneering at the mere suggestion as a “shameful, religious test.”

It is fair to say that the president has mental and emotional blind spots on one hand and obsessive compulsions on the other. There are things he can’t stop talking about and there are things he can’t bring himself to talk about.

One would think that the first Black president of the United States would want to do something about the economy of urban America instead of bringing in more people to compete for low wage, low skill, entry level jobs desperately needed by residents of the inner city.

Maybe if we told him that ISIL means Inner-cities Sorely In need of Leadership, he would show some of the passion he has for Syrian refugees, but I doubt it. Frankly, the people have solve this problem because government can’t or won’t. We don’t need more refugees from Syria or anywhere else. We don’t need more illegal immigrants. We don’t need more immigration until our economy is capable of employing the millions who are out of work. What we need are jobs and opportunity for American citizens, especially in the poorest neighborhoods of our country.

There are lots of widows and orphans here who need help, Mr. President. Too bad you never had the passion to put your infamous pen and phone to work for them.