New Year’s wishes and concerns

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It’s hard to believe but yet another year has come to pass. The mere fact that you are here means that you have been blessed, because for many this was a very tumultuous year teeming with uncertainties and disbelief. While there were many good things happening personally among us, the media was inundated with acts of crime, internal unrest, and threats to national security. As a world, we are ever aware of the threat of terrorism and the continuous manifestation of a nation harboring a racial and economic divide that is keeping us from being harmonious as a country.

The effects of foul play depend on what side of the spectrum you fall. Depending on what polls you believe, you find the middle class shrinking and corporate greed at an all-time high. The only constant is the resilient power of many Americans coming together to help each other in times of need, regardless of differences. This is ever present in Americans helping each other during catastrophes such as floods and other national disasters. Without a doubt, I find coming to aid your fellow man, the strength and beauty of the common working people in this country. I pray it will help us persevere in the hard times that may lie ahead. However, there are some key priorities we can work on in this coming year to help promote a better country and world.

I personally will enter this new year in prayer, praying for God’s favor and that we as Americans can become more unified as a nation. All too often our different political parties seek to divide and impede progress that could work in the best interests of the American people. We as a nation of immigrants need to communicate more in learning about people with differences. These differences may be associated with one’s ethnicity, culture, traditions, and living conditions. Understanding that people don’t always share the same reality is tantamount in coming together to solve taxing problems, especially in formulating compromises.

Sometimes when people sit at the table and realistically examines each other’s concerns, resolutions can come about in the best interest of all parties concerned. Some politicians feel we, as a nation, should always approach our adversaries from a position of power and intimidation. In the ever-changing prevalent madness occurring in the world, this can be a recipe for disaster.

I pray that our government will utilize more diplomacy and won’t always entertain war with opposing countries unless absolutely necessary. The truth of the matter is that many countries see our country as an enemy, run by a handful of rich supremacist White Anglo Saxons taking advantage of other countries resources with deceptive practice, initiated by greed. We must work to help dismiss this historically hostile feeling by showing more compassion for countries with people of color without coming across as raping these countries of their resources.

I pray that we will work harder this year in truly practicing religious tolerance, respecting the good that is found in people and not stereotyping people because of the heinous actions of a few. We must be more cognizant and vigilant in reporting or identifying individuals or groups that can cause harm or death to innocent people. Fear should not be an agent dominating our lives. Apathetic views can be disastrous because what effects one affects us all. Do your part to keep us safe.

We must stop the disparities in the death of many Black youth by law enforcement agencies, fueling the feelings that Black lives do not matter. We must also work more diligently in overhauling our criminal justice system. We all know that it is no secret that many laws disproportionately work against people of color and one’s social or economic status can determine ones legal outcome.

The media and music industry should work harder promoting and highlighting positive productive African Americans, helping dismiss negative stereotypes about Blacks in general. We must be brutally honest with each other, dismissing being politically correct that generally dilutes or hides the truth.

Only when we can bare our all without repercussions can we truly move forward and make the progress necessary to be a better country. 2016 can be whatever we make it. I pray that we make it our best.