Donald Trump mania

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is without a doubt that Donald Trump, a real estate developer vying for the Republican nomination for president of the United States of America, is as controversial as they come. The truth is that many people don’t know how to literally take him. His comments are often bold and brass, lacking in diplomacy and sentimental conformity. But he apologizes to no one and is constantly rising in many polls.

Donald Trump is unapologetically forward and frank in responding to his position on current and national issues. Because he is so coarse and confrontational in his views, many people (especially pundits) do not know how to take him seriously. His proclaimed facts are often unsubstantiated and his overall views are seen as over the top. Yet he is operating from a position of power, with little regard for people he sees as problematic. He offers little if any room for compromise and sees himself as the leader needed to catapult the presidency to the position of power and respect that he feels is needed to protect and guide this country and the world.

The fact that he is a billionaire (and doesn’t have to depend on support groups and lobbyists for financial support to finance his campaign) may fuel what many say is his egotistic demeanor. The comments and stance he takes on issues such as immigration are seen as discriminatory and insensitive by many Americans as well as his competitors.

He has gone as far as describing that more than half of the undocumented Mexican residents in this country are involved in criminal activity (drugs, gangs, and rapists)—saying they are causing a drain on our economic system. He asserts that building a bigger and stronger wall should be a priority of the United States in controlling immigration from our southern borders. He adamantly supports refusing to allow Syrian immigrants into the United States until a more taxing vetting system is implemented. He has made statements alluding to those practicing the Islamic faith as being potential terrorists, thus promoting stereotyping. He is an avid supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association), reasoning that Americans should be able to protect themselves when attacked or threatened with bodily harm or death. His reasoning is that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be at the mercy of criminals by not being able to defend themselves.

While many may see him as privileged and not in a position to relate to or understand the average common working American, he offers a business-style perspective to dealing with crucial national problems. He has been labeled as an embarrassment and joke not to be taken seriously with little chance of heading the most important influential position in the world. However, whether you like him or not, according to his rise in popularity as stated by many polls, he stands a good chance of being the Republican nomination for president.

His Republican competitors agree adamantly that he does not truly represent the Republican Party and shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, they see him as an embarrassment that tarnishes the party brand.

But regardless of his lack of diplomacy and tact, he seems to present a message that resonates to many Americans without being politically correct. He feels political correctness hides the truth. Many say that he supports things the average American thinks but are afraid to say because of being thought of as bigoted or possibly for suffering economic or social repercussions. The racial divide that exists in this country only supports his rising popularity.

Let’s just say he appeals to the dark side of some Americans operating from fear and uncertainty. He is a demagogue offering us solutions that sound good but are unrealistic or not humanitarian in scope. Because of the dire unsavory conditions existing here in this country and around the world, you find many Americans quietly and sometimes blindly gravitating to his philosophy in correcting the problems of this country and the world.

Trump doesn’t only appeal to predominately White people but to some Blacks and other ethnicities if the truth be told.

This is somewhat ironic when contrasting his views concerning different groups and ethnicities. Only time will tell the extent of fear we feel as voters.

Could Trump be the time bomb leading to our demise or the welcomed conduit, bringing about extreme change?