The Sporting Life: Conversations at OZ Edition

Prior to dinner, music was provided by Abigail Washburn (banjo) and Wu Fei (Chinese zither).   Photo by Cass Teague

Prior to dinner, music was provided by Abigail Washburn (banjo) and Wu Fei (Chinese zither). Photo by Cass Teague

Wednesday, January 27, I attended a fun fundraiser at OZ Nashville themed “Conversations at OZ.” The evening included a cocktail hour, followed by dinner by Executive Chef Levon Wallace of Cochon Butcher at a table of 8 for a conversation with one of the following table hosts (listed alphabetically with the topic for that table):
Jeff Bradford | Physics & God: An Exploration of How Modern Physics Increasingly Points to the Existence of a Transcendental Force
Carole Bucy | Voices from Many Lands Create Harmony in Music City: The History of Immigration in Middle Tennessee
Rick Byrd | Sports! Coaching, Basketball, Golf
Libby Callaway | The Rise of Nashville’s Fashion Industry and the Creation of the Nashville Fashion Alliance
Chris Chamberlain | Nashville’s Unique Take on Creative Collaboration: Onstage, Backstage and in the Kitchen
André Churchwell | Men’s Dress in the 20th Century and Beyond!
John Cooper | History!
Susan Edwards | Collecting in the 21st Century
Gary Everton | The New Tennessee State Museum: Finally out of the Basement and onto the Mall
Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn | US & China, Folk Music and Beyond
Sylvia Ganier | Healthy Food Builds a Healthy Community
Tom Gannon | Wine!
Kim & Gary Hawkins | A River Runs Through It: Nashville Returns to the Cumberland River
Henry Beecher Hicks, III | Marion to Megan: Leading When Social Justice Matters
Lisa Howe | All Things Soccer!
Martha Ivester | How a Gig Can Transform Nashville
Dr. Joseph “J” Kline | Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and How to Speak the Verse Like a Pro
Neil McCormick | 10 years of Hot Chicken and Beer
Janet Miller | Nashville: BOOM! How much is too much?
Greg Sandfort | Do Cars Reflect Their Owners, or Do Owners Reflect Their Cars?
Stephanie Silverman | Milestone Films: Movies and Their Power to Mark Moments in Our Lives
Butch Spyridon | Protecting Nashville’s Brand and Authenticity
Julie Stadler | Lights, Camera, Action! Entertainment in Tinselville
Paul Vasterling | Music: What Are You Listening To?
Jay Wellons, III, MD, MSPH | Fetal Neurosurgery, “Lasers” in the Brain, and the Not-So-Infrequent Fantastic Voyage
Marcus Whitney | All Things Startups
Rob Wigington | The Nashville Airports Experience: Where Music, Art and Planes Converge
Barry Wishnow | 45 Years of the Global Fashion Industry
Vicki Yates | Favorite TV Shows, with a special guest.

After more than an hour hashing out social justice issues at the table hosted by Henry Beecher Hicks, the evening got less formal, and so I moved over to the table hosted by Vicki Yates, who along with her NewsChannel Five colleague Mark Binda, led a conversation on my favorite subject – television shows. Prior to dinner, Vicki and Mark and I had talked briefly about our favorites. After dinner, we adjourned to drink cordials and smoke cigars provided by our host, Cano Ozgener. OZ Nashville rocks! Check out their phenomenal programming, or book an event for your group at: Tell them Cass sent you!