Women of Excellence empowering community

Margaret Dabney (photo courtesy of Photo Women of Excellence)

Margaret Dabney (photo courtesy of Photo Women of Excellence)

The world we live in is actually a wonderful place to be, and each of us has a responsibility to give back. Rev. Dr. Margaret D. Dabney is a staunch woman of God who practices what she preaches on a daily basis. This reigns true with her proudly overseeing and feeding the community via the ’Women of Excellence Ministry.’

She knows that her help comes from above and in no way takes the countless blessings in her life for granted. Among other things, the series of former life changes have helped to mold her character and are a part of who she is today.

The Women of Excellence Ministry meets monthly on the first Saturday of the month at 2001 Manchester, Nashville, Tenn., from 6-7 pm, CDT. Rev. Dabney’s education, accolades and earthly power of deliverance shows in her word, experience and spiritual grounding.

Rev. Dr. Dabney leads unselfishly by example and from a point of unconditional love. The Pottstown, Penn. native made the segue to Tennessee and currently resides in the capitol city of Nashville. She was commissioned by her pastor to bring Invictus Ministries to Nashville. The Women of Excellence Ministry successfully operates under the proverbial umbrella of Invictus Ministries. Women from all walks of life are welcomed to join in with and even become a part of the ministry. It’s all about spiritual uplifting, healing and empowerment—no matter what their situation or circumstances may be. Rev. Dr. Dabney is a mother, grandmother and believes whole-heartedly in sowing seeds of greatness into every woman whom her voice touches.

As we enter into this new year of 2016, the ministries goal is to raise the awareness of W.O.E. Ministries, accept each sister as they are and enter into the fold.

When asked “Why a women’s ministry, and what leads you to follow God’s plan for this,” Dr. Dabney was transparent in sharing a portion of her own story and why she answered the calling that has been gifted to her. After being led from the horrors of street life, she knew that something had to change, and fast. Having led a tainted lifestyle which often included petty crimes, daily anguish and the brokenness stemming from it—she knew that only a positive change was inevitable. Practically anyone who knows her can promise you this was no ordinary ‘rude awakening.’ Like any grateful and anointed woman of God, she knew that play time was over and it was time to get busy. It was time to be about the work of the Lord.

This meant the developing and continual care and nurturing of the Invictus Ministry/Women of Excellence Ministry and the blessed souls that she has been charged with feeding. Rev. Dr. Margaret D. Dabney takes nothing for granted. She continues to trust the process and ultimate power of God, but she does the necessary footwork to make it happen and keep it going—to serve and accept his will and lead others to that place through this unique ministry. For more information, contact Dabney Communications at 615-474-4987.