Music City USA based ‘brand goddess’ launches new programs

Nashville's ‘brand goddess/goal digger’ Monc-hiere Holmes-Jones

Nashville’s ‘brand goddess/goal digger’ Monc-hiere Holmes-Jones

As this writer continues to get to know and become familiar with her new digs (after being a Nashvillian almost two years now), the level of local talent and various resources are still flowing freely. There will be music and fine homegrown foods, countless talented education entities, small businesses, people and more including Monchiere (pronounced Mon-share-ree’) Holmes-Jones.

Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones is the ‘chief brand curator’/CEO of MOJO Marketing & PR, a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, ‘brand goddess,’ and a self-proclaimed idea generator. She launched MOJO in 2011 as a marketing-communications company that thrived on growing small businesses with big brand strategies on grass root marketing budgets. Affectionately called the ‘Goal Digger’ her daily social media postings and updates continue to inspire and inform the masses.

Like most consummate professionals, she is great at multi-tasking and wears several hats and handles, including: speaker, top of the line marketing strategist, small business advocate and joyful favorite ‘brand goddess.’

She is known as an advocate for women entrepreneurs worldwide, whose hands-on branding sessions help to make creative entrepreneurs and small business owner’s passions profitable. Ultimately, she is committed to community growth and development through her cultivation of small and midsized businesses.

She has shared her many talents through speaking opportunities, including events such as the SHE Expo, Hair Elevation Conference, Women Empowerment, Goodwill Industries: Career Reaps, and the Niche Parent Network & Conference Tennessee event.

She has a seasoned background with 14 years of experience in marketing, PR, and brand campaigns consisting of corporate marketing campaigns and campaign management, media planning, image branding, brand building and launches and more.

Monchiere’ studied ‘communications and public relations’ at her alma mater Xavier University of Louisiana. Monchiere’ is also a member of 100 Black Women, board member of Ladies of America, and serves as a board member for ASAP, a non-profit which fosters the preparation and eventual matriculation of high school students to college in Detroit, Mich.

As we keep rolling into the New Year 2016, readers can look for an array of brand launching, business tips and networking opportunities from the “brand goddess.”

Her number #1 ‘branding tip for small businesses is: “own your own power!”

“Yes, small businesses should never communicate like they’re sitting in a quaint coffee shop hoping that their customers may see them,” said Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones, “only talking to neighbors close by, scared to disrupt the environment.

Small business owners are the heart of their city and they must create marketing that disrupts audiences, engages communities to experience their city through its views, while making as much noise as it takes to stand out for their business.

Holmes-Jones can be found on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and at: <>.