Church on Wednesday

Wednesday, often referred to as ‘hump day,’ is the day in the middle of the week, two days behind Sunday, and three days prior to Sunday. People have always attended church on Wednesday nights for evening Bible Study classes and in some churches, maybe a choir rehearsal, and sometimes mid-week prayer services or evening worship service.

Although there have been many churches holding a mid-week night service, there are a few that hold a ‘mid-week, mid-day’ service at noon on Wednesdays. This seems to be a growing trend for many local churches. These ‘mid-week, mid-day’ services range in a variety of worship styles.

The worship service is sometimes designed for those who may have handicaps in getting to the church for every Sunday service, such as elderly people with ‘sitters’; the elderly who have outings provided by special transportation companies on Wednesdays (note: there are often special discount days for seniors on Wednesday); and those who just want a mid-week ‘spiritual boost’ to carry them through the rest of the week.

These services are sometimes conducted as a normal worship service as Sunday morning worships with a mid-week meditation, lectured by the pastor. Other services are more relaxed with a worship service that provides a ‘less dressy’ approach to the service. While the Gospel is being preached and/or sometimes delivered as a message from non-clergy, there seems to be a more relaxed atmosphere that differs from the Sunday morning formalities.

As these mid-week, mid-day services invite the neighborhood, they also often follow an abbreviated service contained in half an hour with a lunch to follow–all contained in a one-hour block so that those who work may also attend on their lunch hour.

In north Nashville, there are three area churches known to have a mid-week, mid-day ‘Hour-of-Power’ services, including: Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 1014 14th Ave. N., which also holds an early morning service at 7 am each Wednesday; Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Jefferson Street; and Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, 819 33rd Ave. N., with different invited guests to share in service with them each week.

It is an open invitation for anyone to attend any of these services. However, if there are other services that hold a ‘mid-week, mid-day’ service, e-mail <> so that people in those areas may visit.