Love leads way for next generation political activists

State Rep.  Harold M. Love, Jr. along with TSU students and Miss. Sojourner (photo by Deborah A. Culp).

State Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr. along with TSU students and Miss. Sojourner (photo by Deborah A. Culp).

The Saturday rallies, trainings and activities before the nationally acclaimed ‘Super Tuesday’ really got things flowing for the big voting day ahead. Tennessee’s capitol city of Nashville was onboard, and among the masses was state Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr. Rep. Love is no stranger to politics and serving the community. Love’s father, Harold Love, Sr., was a Nashville Councilman and a state representative as well. Love, Jr. represents House District 58 in the Tennessee House, is a member of three committees, and is the primary sponsor of 88 bills.

Upon learning of a hand’s on, grass roots type of training forum, with some TSU male students on hand, we caught up with Love at Hadley Park Community Center. The students in attendance that day unselfishly gave their time and sat quietly while being addressed by Rep. Love, Jr.

There weren’t any interruptions like stopping to check their social media accounts, voicemails or any other messages. It was all about the training session taking place. This particular forum was held to support 2018 presidential candidate Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Teaching the young men the basics about door to door, ‘boots on the ground’ neighborhood canvassing did make a difference for the pre-voting day process.

Rep. Love’s male entourage grasped the shared information and concepts and was able to immediately put them into action. How many times have we heard that many civil rights activists and leaders sacrificed (even died) so that we may enjoy the right to vote. This importance cannot be stressed enough. Individuals aged 18 and up may vote in both the pre- and general elections.

The charismatic Rep. Love, Jr. took the audience through the canvassing and voting process, step by step, and readily answered any questions. A campaign representative from Secretary Clinton’s office was also on hand to answer questions and help explain in more detail the political literature that was passed out to the students. Hadley Park Community Center staff did everything possible to make everyone feel at home.

Rep. Love seemed not to skip a beat while providing the thorough in-service, but still remained hospitable enough to share a photo op with anyone asking to take a photograph with him (and there were many who did ask). On the eve of Sec. Clinton paying Music City another well-attended visit, the TSU students couldn’t have received a better training or teacher. Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr. was front and center with the information needed to empower the youth (and anyone within ear shot) with the necessary tools to make a difference while working a grass roots political campaign.

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