March Art Crawl preview

See works like these by Emily Sue Laird in Out of the Shadows at 40AU.

See works like these by Emily Sue Laird in Out of the Shadows at 40AU.

Come out this weekend and see some great art free at local galleries. The First Saturday art crawls at two locations beckon you on March 5 from 6-9 pm; both the long-running First Saturday Downtown Art Crawl and the new kid on several blocks the Arts & Music @ Wedgewood / Houston.

Out of the Shadows features paintings and sculptural work by Emily Sue Laird and Jake Wells. This is my number one destination this Saturday, upstairs in the ArtCade on the Fifth Avenue of the Arts. For their second collaborative art show, Laird & Wells have mined the depths of their individual collections to present a selection of new and previously exhibited works that deal with themes of light, shadow, color, memory, race, and religion. Please join them at 40AU in the Arcade on Saturday, as these two phenomenal young talents look forward to sharing their work with you.

Nikki Gray at Corvidae Collective Gallery on the main floor of the ArtCade invites you to join them during the Downtown Nashville Art Crawl for the opening their their Rituals & Rites exhibit, with artworks by Menton J. Matthews III, Damien Echols, Lea Barozzi, Kamille Freske, Mani Price, Juliette Vaissiere, Robert McDowell, Alyssa Scott, along with a very special book.

Across the Avenue at Rymer Gallery, catch the extraordinary exhibition by Sam Dunson for Black History Month entitled, “__lack History.” Dunson says “__lack History is the springboard for works that attempt to answer the questions of “How did we get to this point?” and “Where do we go from here?”

The Arts Company presents Nashville Streets Then and Now: Photographs by Ed Clark (1946) & Michael Nott (2016), along with Carbon photographic prints by Fred Dusel. Ed tells an epic visual story, focused on one day of activity inside and out of the hundreds of people coming to Nashville every week to experience the Grand Old Opry live at the Ryman Auditorium. Michael Nott’s photographs had a different mission—capturing the moment of speed and gesture of street life using the photographic equivalent of impressionistic painting to capture the experience of urban life in the modern city.

“Both photographers work in a graphic black and white style,” says Dr. Anne Brown, founder of The Arts Company and the Art Crawl. “Ed’s photographs, typical of the great LIFE photographers, develop a narrative of a time and place. Michael’s photographs literally seize separate moments of gestures that capture people in the moment…two photographers in the same place; 70 years apart, in Downtown Nashville… truly an interesting visual experience.”

Saturday in Wedgewood/ Houston, see Paul Collins’ Soft Bark and Ward Schumaker’s Probe at Zeitgeist on Hagan Street. Soft Bark features a series of paintings, drawings and collages that examine the absurdity of the artist’s own unshakable romanticism under the scouring light of ecological armageddon. Probe by Ward Schumaker is made up of a series of small, minimalist sculptures, his “ugly boxes,” and large scale paintings inspired by the space race and the first French atomic submarine. Next door at the David Lusk Gallery, see K J Schumacher’s fragments and a game of chance, along with Nora Sturges’ fictional spaces.