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Racism: Hatred in the Heart

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

Racial issues concerning Black and White Americans are constantly under scrutiny. For African Americans, some are not willing to say anything because they have learned to live with it–or fear the consequences. Most every facet of life in the African American community is underlined by racism in banks, stores, housing, buying cars, insurance and especially in the churches. I remember when Rev. Jessie Jackson was running for president. He made the statement that the most racist hour in America was the ‘eleven o’clock hour’ on Sunday morning.

Charleston, South Carolina, shooting suspect Dylann Roof during a Wednesday night Bible Study meeting murdered nine African Americans at the Mother Emanuel AME Church. Racism in the United States is well known due to racial profiling, affirmative action, police brutality against minorities, and the history of slavery. It was an historic moment for America when they voted in the first Black president, Barack Obama.

The majority of his policies have met with serious opposition such as an inclusive health system that’s described as socialist or even communist. Most of the President’s criticism has a racist coordinated undertone to it. He is a Christian although his middle name is Hussein, which right-wingers have used to claim he is Muslin further fueling racial and discriminatory attitudes and sentiments. The famous march from Selma to the State Capital raised the question, how long ago? Almost 50 years later we still ask how much we as African Americans must suffer racism.

My answer is that only God knows. The long view of history tells us we must simply trust Him and to act faithfully concerning what He has revealed to us: to resist evil, encourage good, love your enemy and tear down walls of division.

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