Nashville opens doors, stages, music and minds to 2016 Writers Conference

BNAWritersConference“The Nashville Writers Conference offers attendees, guests and all interested in this particular art arena to join and quickly!” according to a high end advertisement banner stoking the proverbial fire by engaging its audience with a highly possible suggestion that Hollywood‘s elite is coming to Music City USA on April 21, 22 and 23.

Conference attendees will be able to partake in a variety of sessions, activities discussions and forums. Indeed, there is a lot to be learned whether the guest or literary professional is a seasoned or novice attendee. Screenwriters Contest, Writers Conference, Screenwriting Consulting and a Screenwriting Forum and Blog may all be found at the Nashville Film Festival, located at 3815 Green Hills, Village Drive Nashville, Tenn. 37215.

A myriad of staunch confirmed professionals and speakers” (male and female) are expected to take center stage to show the world just who they are and how they got to where they are today. It promises to be an unforgettable three days for Nashville. There are even bigger heights to be soared for those fortunate enough to attend panels for both partying and mentorships.

This year’s conference boasts professional fanfare, both old and new–geared for the up-and-coming screenwriter as well as the seasoned writer looking to hone skills and get a no-nonsense industry edge. An uncensored, writer-focused glimpse into the real machinery of Hollywood will be presented.

Conference attendees will have a bevy of topics to choose from including: Jeb Stuart talking about writing big-budget Hollywood tent-poles (Die Hard, The Fugitive); Max Borenstein discussing the sci-fi reimagining of a famous epic (Godzilla); Andrea Berloff revealing what it was like adapting real-life stories of hip hop legends into Straight Outa Compton; and Keya Khayatian, senior literary agent at United Talent Agency (UTA) sharing what it means to work with a top Hollywood agent and how to get one that works for you.

The conference begins with ‘Hollywood 101’ where writers such as Phil Hay (Clash of the Titans, Ride Along) and Chad & Carey Hayes (The Conjuring) break down the secrets of the industry and how you can get the most out of the days of the conference.

Amid all of this, the highlight event is ‘The Big Pitch’* where the writer has the chance to pitch to producers, executives, agents and managers. The conference’s top writers will be available to help those pitching, practice their pitch, and to teach you the art of a killer pitch that producers want to buy.

*The Big Pitch is included for Elite Badge holders and available for an additional fee to Basic Badge holders until sold-out.

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