NOAH prepares for first annual Charity Banquet

It’s always a blessing to see the wheels of civil rights and humane causes and organization turn for the greater good. The grass roots organization whose acronym is NOAH (meaning Nashville Organized for Action and Hope) is a faith led coalition that is multi-racial and interdenominational comprised of congregations, community organizations, and labor unions that work to give voice to traditionally marginalized people. NOAH engages ordinary people in the political and economic decisions affecting their lives, acting as a unified voice for the faith and justice community to act on its values in the public arena.

On Thursday, May 12, at 6 pm, CDT, the beautiful and historic Cal Turner Center Family Education Center at Meharry Medical College will host NOAH’s first annual Charity Banquet. This year’s theme is ‘Rekindling Democracy,’ and the keynote speaker will be Rev. Anthony Thomas of Mother AME Church of South Carolina. Music will be by Jonell Moser.

Since its public and powerful introduction over a year ago, NOAH has shaken bushes and rattles cages while standing firmly on their purpose. A myriad of remarkable organizations and people from various stations in life all come together and strive for positive, productive change.

Even the 2015 mayoral election helped to impact and benefit NOAH by raising awareness and making a difference with their joined voices. On that day, the 15th Street Baptist Church was literally packed, with attendees spilling out into the parking lot and the front of the building. (The church still remains a key meeting site for NOAH). Some came out of curiosity, but for the most part they came to see what the outcome of the issues and answers would be. NOAH’s organizers used the rally and cause to give each mayoral candidate a chance to answer a few ‘hard questions’ for fewer than five minutes, alone in front of the massive mixed crowd.

Each one of them kept the time frame tight and answered well, even under pressure. A quick poll through that audience revealed that a clear interest for similar, additional, useful forums. Reflecting back on another quality NOAH community interactive event, NOAH members and delegates gathered to decide the key focus issues of the organization, including: affordable housing; economic equity; and criminal justice.

The First Annual NOAH, May 12th event banquet tickets are affordably priced at $50.00. Information about tickets, directions, parking etc may be referred to: Tallulah Crawley-Shinault, PhD, Branch Secretary, and Nashville NAACP. Call (615) 329-0999.