It is what it is

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The growing number of Donald Trump supporters is only a visual picture of a reality that literally tells us hate and racism is alive and kicking in the United States of America. One would have to be blind and in total denial not to see that racial tension and apathy toward concerns of people of color is a real problem, playing out in the streets and the political arena.

Can anyone not see why there is a need for a movement advocating that Black Lives Matter and a need to change policies and practices to correct this elephant in the streets? The racial atmosphere is so convoluted that there seems to be no diplomacy by many people, especially Whites to hide their racist views. The white sheet that so many people of color thought was waning or gone was only in the closet waiting to be resurrected. But to add insult to injury, many Whites tend to use being political correct to dilute or keep from confronting the sordid truth of their ancestor’s iniquities as well as their own, toward people of color. Why is it so hard to understand or empathize with a group of people whom you have historically dehumanized and enslaved and now question their social, educational and economic condition.

Some Blacks feel Whites inherently hate people of color or were reared by their parents to despise and hate people of color. But most Blacks I know were not taught to hate Whites. Basically, African Americans’ overall feelings toward Whites generally are based on their personal experiences and interactions in a society that caters to Whites as being superior. Many Blacks have encountered unpleasant and demeaning experiences from being Black in a reality that caters to Whites. I don’t think you will find too many Whites who are willing to agree with the fact that they were born to privileges and entitlements not open to other races. I guess peoples’ reality varies, and all too often we find people who are not willing to recognize or empathize with others they see as different. Every now and then, you’ll find people who don’t see racism at all or feel it exists. You can only wonder what bubble they live in or if they personally choose to be oblivious to the truth.

Whether you are in denial or not, the media is daily exposing us to the growing tentacles of hate and racial discord that exists in this nation. How can you hate a president so adamantly that there is nothing he does that can be right—even to the point you are united in seeing all his endeavors fail?

You can rationalize to someone who doesn’t know any better, but what we are seeing in our nation borders on pure unadulterated racism. The unmitigated hate and verbal attacks against President Barack Obama is unprecedented. It would be considered terrorism if he was a White president. Hate for our president is only a reminder of the racism that some White people harbor for people of color.

You still have some Whites that feel the unnecessary killing of Black men by the police is justified because they feel they deserved what happened to them. Let’s be real and acknowledge that the predominantly White media in our society has subconsciously and subliminally programmed the masses to believe Blacks are inferior to their White counterparts.

While there have been some legitimate judicial attempts to rectify wrongs against African American such as affirmative action and quotas, they have recently been questioned and sometimes overturned, citing reverse discrimination by Whites. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, and one can’t but question if any real changes have occurred. It appears that the smokescreens and diversions that made the public believe progress had been made are blatantly being revealed and dismantled.

We have demagogues finding common ground, catering to the primal hatred and racism within some people to promote their own selfish agendas. To counteract this prevalent demon that is dividing this country, we must acknowledge that a disconnect exists, and collectively sit down at the table to discuss remedies and solutions.

We cannot hide our heads in the sand and be oblivious to the reality that surrounds us. Dividing and conquering should not be an acceptable plot, contributing to the destruction of our country. Acknowledging the truth is the beginning of healing.