Lifestyle 31, series II empowering young women, giving back to community

Lifestyle 31 Leading a Life Reflectant to Christ (photo by Donzaleigh Photography)

Lifestyle 31 Leading a Life Reflectant to Christ (photo by Donzaleigh Photography)

It’s that time again: time for the Lifestyle 31 series to present to Nashville and beyond. We welcome all young ladies and women. This life-changing event will focus on providing attendees with the key techniques needed to implement the change they desire to be successful at all things.

The mega event will fittingly take place on April 23 at Goodwill Career Solutions, located at 937 Herman St. Nashville, Tenn. From 2-5 pm, CDT, Ms. Powell, her noted five speakers and emcee Tunisia Scott will utilize the time to effectively bring about positive change.

Tunisia Scott is the founder/CEO of the Tennessee Minority Pages, formerly the Tennessee Black Pages.

The series II speakers include: Paula Michelle, founder/CEO PM Faith Consulting; Kim Inman Bell, Rock the Bells, Inc.; motivational speaker Tiffany Harden, founder of Once in a Wifetime; and Tyrene Benjamin, fitness coach/expert of Ty Benjamin Fitness.

The series II theme is ‘Change Your Mind, Change Your Life,’ an idea promoted by Donzaleigh Powell. She is considered to be one of the mid-state’s key gems, multi-talented and always with a heart to give back, ‘tithing’ into the lives of others. Donzaleigh wears many hats and titles and wears them well, be it motivational speaker, professional creative freelance photographer, global career development professional, Lifestyle 31 product line (and seminar series) group founder and sheer entrepreneur.

We spoke with this dynamic young woman at press time and she revealed her walk with God to “kick it up a notch” and is in the process pursuing a Masters degree, while keeping the other proverbial success balls in the air.

Another factor making Ms. Powell unique in her strides is her youth. She is young in age but mature beyond her years indeed. Combine that with her astute business savvy, prayer life and ongoing walk with God (always seen from the onset) and her striking outer beauty—and she leads by example daily.

Lifestyle 31 is a lifestyle reflecting Christ and based on Proverbs 31: 10-13. Goodwill Career Solutions is also known for changing lives for the better and making a difference in the community at large. The joining of forces of Lifestyle 31 and Goodwill is both remarkable and invaluable. Their motto is: “Welcome to Lifestyle 31 where our mission is to inspire and cultivate women of all ages to live a lifestyle that reflects that of the Proverbs 31 woman.”

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