Trump knocks Rubio out of GOP Primary

John Kasich won Ohio, ensuring the anti-Trump vote will be split between the governor and Ted Cruz.
Besides Florida, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump also capped off the night with wins in Illinois and North Carolina.

Trump’s Florida win knocked Marco Rubio out of the race, prompting the senator to drop out after losing his home state. Ohio Gov. John Kasich was able to fend off a Trump upset in his home state. In Kasich’s only win of the night, he collected 66 delegates.

On the Democratic side, it was a big night for Hillary Clinton, who racked up wins in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina.

In Missouri, Trump “lead their respective party primaries there by less than half a percentage point.” He would go on to win a razor-thin victory over Cruz.

As of 2 am, the Missouri vote count in the Democratic race was:
Clinton: 310,602 votes, 49.6%

Sanders: 309,071 votes, 49.4%

The vote count in the Republican race at this time was:
Trump: 382,093 votes, 40.8%

Cruz: 380,367 votes, 40.6%

John Kasich: 94,533 votes, 10.1%

Marco Rubio: 57,006 votes, 6.1%

Hillary Clinton won early primary races in North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. And in a nod to her Republican rival Donald Trump, who has led a divisive campaign, she stressed the importance of keeping the country together. She also emphasized the importance of affordable college tuition, jobs for the middle class, and national security.

Sen. Marco Rubio delivered a moving and emotional speech after his Florida loss.

“The easiest thing to have done in this campaign is to jump on all those anxieties. But I chose a different route,” he said.