Centralia Play supports Nashville’s Christian Walk

Playwright Teco Trent (photo courtesy Born Again Church).

Playwright Teco Trent (photo courtesy Born Again Church).

Born Again Church (BAC) is hosting their annual spring production with the powerful play The Centralia Experience April 1-10. North Nashville and anyone attending will be happy they took the time to experience theatre in a Christian setting.

Ticket holders will be all set to experience a dazzling musical complete with creative song and dance numbers infused with the message of the Gospel. This dramatization resulted from a school assignment given to the playwright, Teco Trent, while studying at the International Art & Technology School (IADT) of Nashville.

The play is based on a real town in the U.S. in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Centralia has been burning underground since the 1960s, and its residence are refusing to leave.

“This is not your typical inspirational stage play” said Teco Trent, director of The Centralia Experience.

“We were instructed to write a song about Centralia, Pennsylvania and after online research I thought this would make a great play because we all have situations in our lives that are detrimental, but for one reason or another, we refuse to leave,” said Trent.

BAC and its Living Parables Arts Ministry invite Nashville and the community to their annual spring production of The Centralia Experience. Admission tickets are affordably priced, allowing more viewers to attend.

The play runs from Friday, April 1 through April 10. Opening night includes a special red carpet affair.

Tickets are $10 and available at Tickets are $10 and available at thecentraliaexperience.eventbrite.com and www.centraliaexperience.com.