Personal interest mentoring group kicks off activities

‘Personal Interest in Changing Character Mentoring Group’ partners with Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church to sponsor a slate of activities in April.

To kick off these events, a ‘march’ and community forum will be held on Saturday, April 2, from 12-3 pm at Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, 1032 Monroe Street in Nashville.

“We are bringing together 14 different communities from five different states in solidarity, unity, and love to address the epidemic of violence, gangs, and drug activity in the community” said organizers. These and other symptoms are greater issues that plague the community. Some other issues include: lack of opportunity, lack of education, chronic joblessness, poor wage paying jobs, incarceration, teen mothers, fatherless homes, affordable housing and lack of family and spiritual values.

As a part of the Unity Project, there will be additional programs held.

On April 16 a Job Readiness Seminar will be held from 12-3pm. This seminar will address joblessness as it relates to the youth, young adults and felons, job opportunities, education, training, and the entrepreneurial perspective.

On Saturday, April 30, common unity and fellowship will culminate with the No Divisions Concert. The doors will open at 4:30 pm, and the concert will take place from 5-7 pm.

Kimberly Johnson, Goodwill Youth Builders and Community Outreach, and businessman Gary Derrick will assist in the success of these activities.

The community is asked to support these events because “it’s what we can do together which is greater than we can do apart,” said Darryl Howard founder of Interest in Changing Character Mentoring Group.

All activities will take place at Mount Carmel Missionary Church, 1032 Monroe Street in Nashville where the pastor is Bishop Marcus A. Campbell.

For more information or to make a donation, contact D. Howard at 615-568-1150; or e-mail .