Brand new mercies

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

Days can get along and filled with disappointments and lamentations, but we do have the promise of brand new mercies. Can you imagine receiving something new everyday? This is exactly what God does in our lives. In spite of the circumstances facing us, God continues to give us a new blessing.

God provides these new mercies because he loves us and is faithful to each of us. This faithfulness outlasts and endures our unfaithfulness. God is handing out mercies– blessings, hope, comfort, forgiveness, and even people in are lives genuinely care about us. Unfortunately, we do not recognize these fresh beginnings in our lives. How often do wake up in the morning, and we go through the day with the same attitude, disappointment, discouragement, fears, and worries, when God wants to do something new in our lives? It’s a brand new mercy. Even the struggles we go through are acts of mercy.

Each one is designed take us to the next level. Instead of responding to these situations in a bad way, let us rejoice because underneath the struggles and fears– there is the mercy of God. Through a our uncertainties and challenges we witness God’s faithfulness unto us. Through it all, God supplies all of our needs, takes care of us, and does not allow us to miss a beat. He does this in spite of our lack of faith, distrust, and fears. God is faithful.

This is why every day we open our eyes–there it goes–a brand new mercy.