Free Sprit New Music Project on the horizon

The Free Spirit Gospel Singers Continue Their Successful Reign

The Free Spirit Gospel Singers Continue Their Successful Reign

A name says a lot about practically anything and a strong or a referenced name speaks volumes. ‘Free Spirit’ is one of those names that expresses a lot without too many words. The Free Spirit Gospel Singers consist of five strong women of God who are beautiful in every sense of the word. Being called ‘award winning,’ ‘powerful’ or ‘gospel music royalty’ also doesn’t faze them. They each keep it real and will let you know that they owe it all to God.

Felicia Hines, Diane Brown, Karen Smith, Rosalyn ‘Pinky’ Smith, and Lynn Brown-Person are the five ladies of song making up the Free Spirit Gospel Singers. We caught up with them at the recent annual Walter Corder Scholarship Program held at the North Nashville based, historic Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church. After years of being in the gospel music industry, these ladies remain as talented, versatile and humbled since their inception into the amazing world of Gospel music. Each individual singer has the ability to captivate and dazzle their audience, but together their voices are quite impacting and soul stirring.

Not always known as Free Spirit or the Free Spirit Gospel Singers, the five women span a successful career going back over 20 years. Before they started their own group in October 1977, they were all friends and sang in a Gospel choir called The Johnson Ensemble, which received The Golden Album of the Year.

Today these Godly women are continuing to bless the world with their own style of music. The music they sing comes from the heart to praise the Lord and minister to others.

“We thank God for our talent and praise him with it,” collectively agreed Free Spirit.

They have received an appreciation in recognition of outstanding service in the best interests and in the highest traditions of the state of Tennessee. More accolades have been acquired, including: The Gospel Group of the Year I.W.M.A, Quartet of the Year, and The Pearls of Joy Outreach Ministries Award for outstanding service to the Nashville community. They are sought after for a myriad of engagements. Noted booking agent J. Bender Entertainment really has his hands full now that the Free Spirit Gospel Singers have a new music project on the horizon.

A teaser of that project is a CD single entitled ‘He Answers Prayer.’ It was available at the scholarship program and may be obtained directly through the group or the booking company. There should be a practical head’s up and warning label issued for attending any endeavor where the Free Spirit Gospel Singers are on the program. It would read: “Careful. An intake of the Free Spirit music will stir your very being and fill your spirit with greatness and praise.”

Those staunch women of God are unique in their own way and carry the message 24/7 via their music and God’s grace. They’ve already begun spring booking and with charitable ministries and have several CD singles on tap.

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