Friend or foe of Trump

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Politics bring about interesting revelations about candidates and the people who follow them. This political presidential arena with emphasis on Donald Trump is no exception. In all honesty, people don’t know whether to wallow in horror and disgust or laugh at the absurdity of Donald’s antics. But I do know that if he is serious in his diatribes, belittling people and groups, then he is a ticking time bomb that in no way can unite this country.

I don’t know the answers to combating a lot of the issues plaguing our country, but I do know that Donald Trump’s solutions are troubling to say the least. How can anyone deny that he is presenting himself as a demagogue appealing to the hate and racial tension prevalent in many Americans. He appears to be so arrogant that he is unapologetic to his opponents and refuses to recant any negative and enigmatic remarks he makes. In fact, the more vicious and derogatory his attacks on issues and his opponents, the more support he seems to attain. His appeal to a large and growing group of Americans may be that he represents the voice and thoughts of silent people who don’t want to publically be categorized as racists. Whether this is a strategy or not, it seems to be working.

He has catapulted the Republican Party into national and worldwide attention by questioning whether their direction and platforms as a whole are in the best interests of all Americans. He has capitalized on the Tea Party that turned many Americans off with their unyielding ultra-conservative objectives. Donald Trump is deemed such a deterrent to the Republican Party that you have key Republicans working together to defuse and counteract the possibility of him becoming the GOP candidate for president. Many would say Donald Trump has done irreversible damage to the Republican Party, causing a schism that is beyond repair.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand that in these times, operating from a position of power without room for compromise is a recipe for disaster. We should pray that we could sit at the table and appeal to one’s ability to compromise and work in the best interests of all Americans.

Donald Trump unapologetically exclaims about making America great again. People must understand that when you have people or groups talking about going back and making America great again, it is appalling to some ethnic groups, especially African Americans. One must understand that the African Americans’ stint here in America has been very tumultuous, inundated with slavery, Jim Crow laws, discrimination, and exploitation. Why would African Americans want to go back to a time that was only advantageous to our White counterparts? One can only sum up that one’s ideal dream was another’s nightmare in the chronicles of history. The hostile climate that Donald has ignited only proves that vestiges of once dehumanizing and pernicious vices are ever present, permeating throughout our country. The blatant racism that we thought had waned was only lying in wait, to be reignited and blatantly revisited.

Ironically, Donald may bring about some good in making America address the elephant in the room. Some African Americans emphatically express that Donald has made it easier for them to identify Whites whom they had formerly considered as friends. The rationale is if you can continue to support Donald regardless of the racist remarks and his air of White supremacy, then that makes you part of the problem. Thank you Donald Trump for helping people accept the fact that the more things change the more they stay the same.

You have been an indelible agent in forcing America to truly address race relations and apathy in America.