Legends of Southern Hip Hop packed the house in Nashville

Trick Daddy photo: Marcus ‘Quit Playin’ Jones, QP Photography

Trick Daddy (photo: Marcus ‘Quit Playin’ Jones, QP Photography)

The holiday before Easter Sunday known as Good Friday fell on March 25 this year, and oh was it a Good Friday for the Nashville Municipal Arena. The Legends of Southern Hip Hop (Rap) concert literally packed the venue from top to bottom. Old school Hip Hop/Rap artists included: Juvenile, Mystikal, 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B, Project Pat, Pastor Troy and Trick Daddy, and they gave the audience more than their money’s worth.

These entertainment and music industry icons are known for the ‘keeping it real, grown folks style’ of performing. Some of their lyrics, body gestures and movements are considered vulgar and explicit by some and just music to the ears of others. The old adage of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ applies here too. Independent, hardcore fashion statements like sagging pants capped off with a belt tightened around the thigh area are seen as eye candy to many.

Over the years, music genres, vocals and beats change with the latest trend popular at the time. However, music of some kind had been with us since the beginning of time, and the industry shapes their artists to accommodate the eager fans. Overlapping genres and a stream of beats and notes intertwining others are not unusual either. The hardcore Southern Legends of Hip Hop (known as old school Rap to others) displayed a myriad of highs and lows throughout the night. ‘Trick Daddy’ really wowed this writer and the entire audience when he passed out crisp $100 bills to four fortunate female concert attendees.

“I just want to help a few women out unconditionally. I don’t expect you to provide any sexual favors or sleep with me. It’s all free and clear. But you must show me your food stamp card,” said Trick Daddy. Of course numerous ladies stormed the front of the stage, but only four of them made the cut.

A later playful threat of him giving one lucky woman $1,000 didn’t pan out because of the shocking conditions asked of the women by the noted artist. But each veteran artist that took the stage seemed tireless and gave more than 100% amid the grinding, on cue theatrics and in-sync beat which accompanied every act, and there wasn’t a lull that night.

Kudos go to: Chill Will Promotions, Cheryl ‘Top Diva’ Woodard, Marcus ‘Quit Playin’ Jones, QP Photography, Nashville Municipal Auditorium and the North American Entertainment Group. They poured their experience into this event and the abundance of ticket holders that packed the venue can attest to that. The Legends of Southern Hip Hop (Rap) Tour continues throughout May, 2016 in various cities across the nation.

For more information, visit the official website at www.hiphoplegends.com