Power to Exhale, Nashville Chapter welcomes new ‘Power Diva’

Last updated on April 13th, 2016 at 12:16 pm

Nashville P2E Power DIVA’s  (L-R) Jackie Stewart & Christy Nicholson Shelton (photo by Deborah A. Culp).

Nashville P2E Power DIVA’s (L-R) Jackie Stewart & Christy Nicholson Shelton (photo by Deborah A. Culp).

The Power to Exhale organization (P2E) is a positive women’s movement that is growing by leaps and bounds and enhancing the lives of others, one woman at a time. It is the brainchild of Lady Charla Young, founder/CEO. Charla had a vision where women from all walks of life could come together to uplift one another, and embrace the true sisterhood with no poison or negativity injected—to have each other’s back and live true to form of the adage: “I am my sister’s keeper.” Membership is free of charge.

There is so much more to share about this amazing entity, but the three cornerstones of P2E are: 1) Exhale for Women 2) Power Up University and 3) Power Girls. Exhale for women spans across the country and even to Sydney, Australia. Each chapter has one or two ‘Power Divas.’ They work with each Sistar (Sis you are a Star) joining the movement through their city or the closest city to them. They help to organize ‘meet and greets,’ charitable endeavors, fun activities, travel excursions and more. P2E helps each woman take her power back or remain the powerful queen that she is. No matter where she hails from or what she has been through, P2E is a non judgmental, no drama, loving and open group and one heck of a movement to be connected to. P2E is still going strong and gaining momentum.

There is a great deal on the P2E horizon, including three international getaways or ‘exhale trips,’ a myriad of local activities, and Charla’s ongoing ‘Damn Good Lemonade’ pajama parties and a book tour. That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and more will be revealed soon. Stay tuned and stay on top of the P2E website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

The Nashville Chapter recently welcomed Christy Nicholson Shelton as a Nashville Power Diva when Sonya Cotham was promoted. Former Power Diva Sonya joined Treva Donnell the other director of chapters, nationwide and internationally. Jackie Stewart is the other Nashville Power Diva. Congratulations to each of our Music City USA Power Divas and to Sonya Cotham as well.

New P2E Power Diva Christy Nicholson Shelton is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, motivator and believer that all things are possible through Jesus Christ. She lives each day to the fullest, because she knows tomorrow isn’t promised. Power Diva Christy works as a project manager for Professional Services (physicians) by day. In her spare time, you can find her in somebody’s gym, at the park or her own home working on her overall physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is also an independent ‘beach body coach,’ always offering her services for others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Two of her biggest pet peeves are tardiness and negativity. She also likes to write poetry when she has time. A big sports fan, she especially loves the UK Wildcats men’s basketball. The two things most people recognize about her first are her eyes and smile. Another positive asset is that Christy doesn’t meet many strangers. Once you get to know her, you definitely will have a genuine friend for life.

P2E Power DIVA Jackie Stewart is the oldest of four siblings. She’ll quickly tell anyone listening that her family means everything to her. By the way, that includes her dog Max. She is a child of God who loves the Lord and is very active in her church, Mt Zion Baptist Church (Nashville). She has worked with the church’s youth ministry for over 18 years.

She loves working with children and has a degree in social work. Jackie has been employed and on the same job with Mur-Ci Homes for almost 23 years, serving children and adults with intellectual disabilities. She also loves spending time with friends, meeting new people, traveling, shopping and going to the movies. “Being a part of Power to Exhale has been an absolute joy,” she said. “Meeting new people from all over the world who want the same thing is amazing. God showed out when He gave our founder, Charla Young, this vision. I am honored to be a part of the movement.” She joyously finished the conversation by sharing the wealth of her amazing nine nephews, and two nieces. Jackie told us that “these kids give me life and spending time with them is a joy and enhancement to my life. I live for them daily.”

For more information, visit <www.powertoexhale.org>.