Campus rape

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Lately the media has been inundated with sexual assault allegations occurring on college campuses. This is a taboo subject that has plagued numerous college campuses for years. While the rape case at Vanderbilt University with Corey Batey, a football player being found guilty of aggravated rape, has captured national attention—one can only imagine the magnitude of this practice occurring nationally on college campuses. We know that it is common knowledge that aggravated rape and sexual attacks are prevalent on many college campuses, especially big campuses often downplaying or covering up reports alleged by their female populations.

Sexual assault is the big white elephant existing on many campuses that isn’t getting much media exposure until now. This is inexcusable when reported by US News & World Report that one in college six freshmen girls are raped. Unfortunately, sexual assault of college coeds is nothing new. In fact, many fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers know that while in college there were such abuses—but they were not taking seriously. The mentality of some young men is that incapacitated young women deserve being raped. The practice of getting young women intoxicated to take advantage of them has been popularized by many ‘college movies’ geared toward young people. This attitude may attribute to many young women being ashamed to report being raped and having to prove they were raped, as well as to young men thinking it is acceptable.

Sexual assaults of college students on and off campuses by other students are more prevalent than we would like to admit or acknowledge. Many males (especially male athletes) brag about their sexual exploits, many times focusing on getting a female student intoxicated and taking advantage of her. It is so prevalent that some young college men look it at as a rite of passage for induction into the college scene. It usually comes down to a young college man claiming it was consensual and the young lady having to prove it was rape. Too many rape victims find the judicial process humiliating, making them out to be lascivious and promiscuous. All too often the media doesn’t help the alleged rape victim much by publicizing their private life and history—which the raped victim may find embarrassing.

Rape is only glorified by movies ingratiating college fraternity and sorority parties where excessive drinking takes place followed by intoxicated people indulging in sex. Alcohol and drugs seem to be the precipitating culprits in many rapes. Although there are some cases where men literally attack and force themselves on some unknown victim. It seems the most common attacks occurring now are between a victim and someone they know. Apparently there are some people who don’t respect or believe it when a person says ‘no.’ They do mean it and if the perpetrator persists, they are in violation of another person’s body.

Many universities are complicit in trivializing rape reports even to the point of trying to cover it up—especially when trying to protect their big time male athletes and the university’s name. Some schools manufacture athletes who feel they are so important to the school that they have carte blanche and are beyond condemnation regardless of their actions.

Now that full attention is being made to expose and combat college rapes, forbearance will be a necessary tool to be practiced by students in promoting a safe and secure campus environment. There are several deterrents that could be put in place to stop this heinous dehumanizing act. Reported sexual assault allegations should be taken seriously and expulsion and imprisonment should be considered for those found guilty. The university should have mandatory forums on practicing self-control and sexual responsibility and appropriateness. The role of alcohol and drugs should be stressed as primary contributing factors in breaking down inhibitions making some people more prone to indulge in sex. Therefore, self-control is of the utmost importance in being a responsible individual.

While there are those who feel that because of their religious beliefs sex should be within the confines of marriage, just as many disagree and feel that human sexual attractiveness is a natural inherent feeling that is okay when acted on by two mature consenting partners practicing safe sex. Sex should be a personal and private act between to consenting partners not to be shared for gossiping purposes.

Sex without responsibility is foolishness and insane and by no means should be taken lightly. Let’s hope that young men learn that regardless of the circumstances when a woman says ‘no,’ she means ‘no’ and by no means will sexually forcing yourself on someone be tolerated. This applies to women as well. Rape is unacceptable under any terms